If The Claim Is True, US Is On A Steep Slope…


…going up!!

They were so right, while I was gawking!

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Draw A Square With Two Lines!

Take a sheet of paper


Now…draw the first line:

Picture 2

And the second line.

Picture 3

And there you’ve it!!!

I too was taken in:-)




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I’ll Be Happy To Know You Didn’t Get It Either!!

No great shakes?


There are ten people in a house. Everybody wants to make a hand shake with only people shorter than themselves. Assume everybody is different in height.

How many hand shakes are made?

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Keep Away, Alzheimer


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Whodunnit: ‘Mate, That’s Not True’

GDJ Vintage Cruise Ship

The captain of a ship flying the Japanese flag sailing across the Pacific takes off his expensive solid-gold chain and bracelet and goes to take a shower in the crew quarters.

When he comes out ten minutes later, he finds the chain and the bracelet missing

He summons the rest of the crew sharing the quarters and asks them their whereabouts during the time he was in the shower.

The cook: ‘I was in the cold room to pick up meat for lunch.’

The engineer: ‘I was in the engine room to check out things.’

The helper: ‘The flag on the mast was upside down. I was setting it right.’

The mechanic: ‘I was resting in my bed after the night shift.

Indo Japan amitojgautam1.wordpress.com

How did the captain spot the liar right away?


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Source: Sent by Siddharth, my nephew. Images from openclipart (Vintage Cruise Ship by GDJ) and amitojgautam1.wordpress.com

Try This If You Have A Minute And…

push Alzheimer back by a few years:-)

Here we go:

burglar tzunghaor

Americans desperately try to find a thief

to take it away from them without any grief.

Welcome-Sign-Board gsagri04

And Brits welcome with smiles and cheer

to have it with them, the more the better.

What is it?


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Credits: openclipart.com(tzunghaor, gsagri04) and Siddharth, my dear nephew.

Do You See…

more than an owl in this picture?


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