Rejection Letter From A Chinese Editor

Would have surely made the author feel sorry for the editor:-)

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The following is said to be an exact translation of the letter sent by a Chinese editor to a would-be contributor whose manuscript he found it necessary to return:

Illustrious brother of the sun and moon: Behold thy servant prostrate before thy feet. I kowtow to thee, and beg that of thy graciousness thou mayst grant that I may speak and live. Thy honored manuscript has deigned to cast the light of its august countenance upon us. With raptures we have perused it. By the bones of my ancestors, never have I encountered such wit, such pathos, such lofty thought. With fear and trembling I return the writing. Were I to publish the treasure you sent me, the emperor would order that it should be made the standard and that none be published except such as equaled it. Knowing literature as I do, and that it would be impossible in…

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Musings Of An Idle Philosopher







Bared Essentials

Medical Insurance, it’s said, is like a hospital gown.

Neeta Kumar in FFu

We think we’re covered fully 😦



Would You Still Grudge Them Their Pay And Vacation?




Graduates From Rajnikant University!






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The Survival Of The Intelligent

We talked about dogs evolving rapidly and may even get ahead of homo-sapiens in the game, here.

Well, now we learn the cows aren’t far behind:

30739103_1652115924901854_5878416472681742336_n Shanti Ravichandran




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Coalition Politics In India

The curse…reminds us of poor Manmohan Singh besieged by his ‘allies’.

Trust we don’t have a replay next year.