This Is More Than Any Man Of Religion Could Ever Claim…

…internalizing his Lord’s teachings!!!


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Don’t Want To Be In His Place

Just look at the dog…expression abs priceless.

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Groom Wanted!

Yes, it would be an arranged-by-the-family marriage for reasons you’ll shortly understand and approve.

While I’ve the permission of the family to share the horoscope and a photo of the US-born-and-lovingly-bred girl, this invitation for a suitable alliance is for a wider choice and solely my personal doing, hopefully a pardonable overreach from a well-wisher. The interested may contact the family directly to take the matter forward.

Here’s the horoscope cast by a learned jyotish (astrologer):

Nama-karanam (naming ceremony), Ayusha-homam for long life and other rituals for general well-being like archana’s at the temple on Tamizh and English birthdays every year – all performed as prescribed.

More on her: Understands fluent English and Tamizh. Amiable and loving disposition. Likes swimming, long hikes, frolicking on the beach, watching movies (Tamizh and Hindi, especially Tamizh comedy). Not a vegan but loves dosa, idli, chapati, kuzhi paniyaram, murukku/chakli , thattai, bhakarwadi, toasted butter-pav, paneer, milk-shakes…but no  onions or garlic, sweets, chocolates, nuts and coffee.

Before I’m accused of advocating child marriage – Maya is 2012-born – let me present a snap of the bride and clear myself:

The girl is not cropped out – she’s the girl! A basenji-corgi cross.


The Survival Of The Intelligent


More evidence coming in, after here and here, about animals evolving rapidly to get ahead of homo-sapiens in the game:




When The Heart Is In The Right Place…

A short clip capturing a sight one doesn’t get everyday to see – a thoughtful act of kindness from our much-maligned constabulary.:







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My Name, Eh? Well…To Be Honest, I Don’t Know!






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What Counts Is…

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