Van Gogh’s Come Alive!


Source: “Van Gogh”_3D animation by Luca Agnani Studio vide Arts&Emotions and  Ananth Mk.

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Words Worth A Thousand Pictures





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Delightful Convenience Stores In South Korea

” South Korean artist Lee Me Kyeoung unveils a series of illustrations in acrylic ink. His drawings represent local shops. For the artist this represents the soul of Korea, indeed the Country of calm mornings counts approximately 33 000 convenience stores. Their welcoming and colorful facades are now an integral part of Korean culture.”

Korean 1

Korean 2

Korean 3

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A Surefire Weight Loss Program

Shopping In UK




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From Austin


Ours is the state of Lone Star!


Good Morning! What’s happening out there?


We always come out with our kith and kin!


Spanning Heaven and Earth!

At the edge of the world.jpg

At the edge of the world?

Green Pallbearers

A matter of life and death.





A Burst Of Colors…

‘Tickle her with a hoe, she laughs with a harvest’ – words of Douglas William Jerrold on mother Earth, read decades ago in Reader’s Digest’s ‘Quotable Quotes’ came to my mind as we walked past beds of flowers at the Dallas Arboretum.

My amateurish effort with a phone-camera.   It was one of those moments when I felt – professionals may not be with me on this and I’m not competent to contest – no camera does full justice to the ephemeral beauty the eyes see.




Paintings That Silence The Chatter Of Mind…

Dravidian Women – I

Reminiscent of an era gone. S.Elayaraja has breathed life into the faces and lives of uncaptured people … the common crowd in everyday moments of life. Exquisite innocent expressions with delicate play of light and fine details will captivate you with its like realism.a reflections of his thoughts each painting reaches out to you with the naive eyes of its subjects engrossed in their own little world of regular work…”

Picture 1


Picture 2