The Beauty And The Beast


Surely knowing thorns would take the blame,

many a time,

it’s flowers that quietly cause/deliver the hurt.




Mothers-In-Law, Pls Excuse

A real meanie: funny-jokes-viral-on-internet-and-social-media-5 jokes-15.07.18-7-1

To assess how much her sons-in-law love her,

one day a mother-in-law jumped into a river.

One of the three sons-in-law jumped in right away and rescued her.

She rewarded him with a car.

On the following day, she jumped again into the river.

The second son-in-law jumped in this time and brought her back safe.

He got a bike for his rescue act.

On the third day the lady jumped once again into the river.

The third son-in-law, thinking he would get a cycle, did not move an inch.

The poor lady was drowned.

On the fourth day, however, he was surprised to receive a brand new BMW.

Pretty wierd, how did he…

The benefactor turned out to be his father-in-law!!






“What, Age? Duh”






Source: Gopalaswamy

Woh Sham…

Woh Sham...


It was then the days eased away into pleasant evenings.

Now…a day ends on a mere night:-(





Source: Unknown author, vide K Gopalaswamy/Khare



The Thorns Tell You…



The thorns hurting my feet

tell me. Sir,

surely there’re roses

blooming in my path.



We Lose To…


(English translation follows)


When one’s path is strewn with pebbles and pebbles,

still one could walk over wearing a pair of shoes.

But if a single pebble gets into a shoe,

even on best of the paths,

it becomes difficult to take a few steps.

In other words,

more than the challenges of the world out there,

we lose to

our weaknesses on the inside.





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When Men Of Words Play Pass-The-Ball…

the outcome is a delightful read! It’s amazing how one takes off where the other leaves it! Enjoy:

(English version follows)



Mirza Ghalib: ‘Permit me to have my drink in the Masjid (place of worship). If you don’t approve of it, show me a place where I could with no god around.’

Iqbal: ‘A Masjid is where god resides. It’s no place to have your drink. Yes, there’s one place where you could…the heart of a non-believer.’

Ahmad Faraz: ‘I’ve returned precisely from there, finding the place not of the kind you’re alluding to. It’s not without god – only the non-believer is not aware.’

Wasi: ‘There’s no place on earth without god. Make your way to the heavens where you’re within your rights to enjoy your drink.’

Saki: ‘When I have my drink, it’s for nothing but keeping sorrow at bay.  With no sorrow around, it’s no longer fun to have one’s drink in the heavens.’

Meer: ‘We drink for pleasure and blame it unfairly on sadness and sorrow. Have a jug full…you’ll see the heavens right here on earth!’




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PS: The translation is not word-by-word. Attribution not checked for authenticity.