Who Is The Killer?

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Well, that’s the puzzle.

Enjoy reading these responses elicited, solution can wait! Of course don’t overlook the possibility of it figuring right there somewhere in them.



Why R…. It’s 3 – Murder in a Ladies’ WC. The person No.3 is also a lady who will have easy access to a Ladies’ WC

Muhammad A….But sir… the murderer left his knife near the dead body…. 
The lady have the knife on her table.

Prabhu R…..Muhammad A…., murder will bring her own knife not borrow it from hotel

Wayne C…….Prabhu R….., not a hotel to borrow the knife from…it’s a restaurant…


Adarsh S….WHO: #3 b-coz there is only one ladies and 3 zents and murder place is ladies toilet.  WHY: Bcoz she has no mony to pay

Erick M…….3-because she is looking suspicious

Sandeep K….3 because she is not eating anything and she is looking afraid

Shireen R……….2 is d(the) ans cos’ she was sitting with him

Tobenna N…….the waiter

Santosh T….3 her plate is shaking and bag is wide open

Sameena S……1 is the answer b’coz he is not having anything in the table

Malayandi P ….Answer is no 2. because there is two plates and a glass is there in front of that men

Mohan G….Suside

John S……1 no knife or food.


More responses, analysis and solution to follow:-)


6 Responses to Who Is The Killer?

  1. Nithya says:

    I think 4, no knife and 2 plates

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  3. kshubbi says:

    What is 2 plates got to do with the killer?

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