Be Warned If You’re Planning To Start A Family

This is for you:

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Musings Of An Idle Philosopher

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1. Why nothing happens to me only? (Why not me?)

2. Why do they happen like this to me only? (Why me?)




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Be Warned If You’re Planning To Start A Family

This is for you:

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More Evidence…

coming in of verbal abuse of men, close on the heels of yesterday’s post on the subject. This time the perpetrator is none other than the heart-throb of yester years, Madhuri Dixit!



@MadhuriDixit ‘Ma’am, however he may be, he’s still your husband! Pls don’t use such words for him. Thanks.’


That’s Not The Whole Story!

On 19th November observed as International Men’s Day, the following data appeared on violence against men:

Int Mens Day 1

That’s not the whole story. Who is to blame – you be the judge – if they invite it on themselves like this guy has it coming to him:

Int Mens Day 2








Too Clever By Half (डेढ होशियारी)!

The passenger train was ready to leave Indore for Bhilwara. It was 10-00 on a Friday night.

When Hoshiyar Singh Aadhi entered the compartment (railway coach) he found it so crowded there was no place to stand even.

Rail Quora

He was known in his circles for his ‘innovative’ approach in difficult situations.

‘Snake, snake, a black snake there, man, pull your feet away else…it’s right near that suitcase now…,’ Aadhi raised an alarm, swirling and pointing now here now there.

In no time passengers fled in panic like from a house on fire, carrying their bags and baggage.

Aadhi quickly climbed up to a vacant berth at the top, spread his sheet and made himself comfortable with feet stretched out. It had been a long day at work for him. Weary to the bones, he fell asleep immediately.

It was early morning when Aadhi woke up to the call of ‘chai, chai’. He looked around, smiled to himself finding he still had the whole compartment to himself.

The train had halted at some station. Getting down quickly, he called the chaiwala (tea vendor) rushing past him outside on the platform.

‘Are Bhai, kahan thak pahunch gaye hum?, Kaunsi station hai yeh’ (Where have we reached, hey brother? Which station is this?’)

‘Dekh lo, saheb, Indore hai, Indore.’ (‘Look for yourself, sir, it’s Indore.’)



‘Haan, saheb, ab utar jao. Yeh dibba kahin nahin jayega,. Isko yahin kaat diya gaya. Kal raat ko isme jo saap gusgayi thee na.’ (Yes, sir, get down now. This compartment is going nowhere. It has been disconnected right here. Yesterday a snake had got in, you know.’





Source:, images from Quora and IRFCA

Don’t Mess With Geezers

OldMan Pixabay1 Don't Mess With Old Men