Romance On Rails – Kerala

Cherukara railway station ,kerala Nilambur to shoranur line only one track


At Cherukara railway station on Nilambur to Shoranur line (single track).





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Many Ways To Carry A Pot

Every woman carries her responsibility differently..... don't compare.


Women have their ways of bearing their ‘bhoj’ (responsibilities).





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Thick As Thieves

This was originally intended to illustrate team-work.

But, I thought, it succinctly captured the dynamics of coalition politics in our country.



That it happens even without coalition is never a surprise:-(





Architectural Marvel: Thanjavur Brihadeeswar Temple

A must-place to visit in any tour of South India.


Brihadeeswarar Temple is 1000 years old, in Thanjavur. The amazing architecture of this temple makes it unique and stupendous. This video tells us about the facts of how this magnificent temple was built” – from Madras Trends

Duration 3.27 mins with subtitles in English:


PS: There many other videos on the net, small and big, on this temple and its features. This one from Madras Trends is vide Vidya Dwarakanath.

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I warn you…

See what it did to the cat:

(0.32 min)


So, if you’re weak of heart, stay away from this clip. And don’t let it fall into wrong hands – you may be held for willfully abetting a crime

(3.13 mins)


I warned you…





PS  His cat watching horror film ‘Psycho’ was shot by Andrew Parrish.

Source: Via Usha Narayanan and Gul Advani in Facebook.


Can You Spot…

…him/her, a relatively flightless bird, a large one hiding in plain sight?

Think about it, how many of us get to see a….in our morning walks? Well, it happens often to M near his home in Mysore!!!

1 IMG_20170710_064043815_HDR

Look up in the comments if you couldn’t.