Musings Of An Idle Philosopher


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Thought For Food…

Move over, ye West!

You know about the phenomenon of remote causation only now and with quantum ‘particles’.

Like most other things in today’s civilization we – yes, not China – contemplated on it all along and continue to, that too with objects of Newtonian physics!


Parsimony At Its Hilarious Best

vide: Rupen Doshi, a Gujarati!


Democracy Flourishes When…

Any wonder we’re in such a mess? As on April 13, 2018 political parties were 7 national, 24 state recognized and 2044 registered unrecognized parties!!

May be it’s time we should start one to sort out this mess? India needs us…

Meanwhile, vide: Rupen Doshi:


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A Never-Before Amazing Feat In Cricket…

vide: Usha Narayanan

The protagonist claims he would hit two sixes in one ball!

What, in one ball???

Yes, two sixes in one ball bowled at him.

A challenge to test all of Rajinikant’s mettle, his die-hard fans helplessly, tearfully and abashedly concede.

And, man……he pulls it off!!

Like how?

Well, it’s all here – though, strictly speaking, not in one b…..saying anything more would be a give-away:

(subtitles not necessary)

Move over, Tollywood, it’s now the Gujju’s taking the pride of place!

If the clip does not appear above, watch it here.

Perfectly ingenious, I thought…at least I didn’t see it coming!


This Is More Than Any Man Of Religion Could Ever Claim…

…internalizing his Lord’s teachings!!!


Source: Faithless Vagabonds

Don’t Want To Be In His Place

Just look at the dog…expression abs priceless.

Vide: Shanthi Ravichandran‎