Work Smarter, Not Harder

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Connecting The Dots On Social Media

About This And That

You know you had too many inspirational stories of a kind when:

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Who Is The Sharpest?



Knives, Daggers, Swords, Arrows…

were all squabbling

over who causes the most hurt.

Words at the back

were smiling.


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Jottings From The US: A ‘Storm’ In A ‘Tea Cup’


Ani’s election promise: ‘If I’m elected, one day a week you could wear to school without a care a dress that didn’t match!!’ At one brilliant stroke she did away with the nerve-wracking task, for most parents and kids, at least for a day, of finding that elusive one of a pair of socks or the green hairband…with the school bus announcing itself outside. If that isn’t turning a disadvantage to an advantage, a problem into a solution…Well, I can, right-off-the-bat, recognize a potential board-room consultant when I see one

What was the election about? Well, she stood for the post of class representative to the body of student council. A position ‘hotly’ contested for with as many as eleven aspirants out of a class of twenty-two third graders! Also the class was ‘deeply’ instructed one cannot vote for oneself or one’s best friends.

And who was the winner? A US-senator in the making – no way he could lose when he promised longer recess times between class periods! Of course, I’m assuming folks in US are not very different from our ‘neta’s’ here swearing during the electoral process to banish unemployment, poverty…

Unfortunately my attempts were not successful in finding out what other promises were made. Apparently a few said ‘I’ll be a good leader for you if you elect me,’ and that didn’t impress.

Ani had no tears for the outcome.

Levity aside, it’s interesting to see how kids in school are introduced to these democratic processes and institutions at an early age. May be these are the first steps to induct/shape new joiners into a society that still stays together despite being polarized increasingly on various issues.

In another exercise with older kids, a virtual UN was constituted and kids were assigned different nationalities to represent their countries which meant learning about these places. Would love to know what is the lasting impact of these initiatives on the kids. Does it make them better global citizens? Why then is the general impression – not entirely ill-founded – that an average American’s world ends at the end of his street, town or state?

At the back of the mind the question nagged me while jotting this post: How well are we doing it back home? In searching for a suitable clip for this post, imagine my thrill on finding the one shown above featuring our kids from a The Hindu report about a few schools exposing the children to the process.  However it was such a let-down when I read the details: the children were being taught the mere mechanics like how to handle the ballot paper, etc. Aren’t we true to form missing the grain for the chaff? The subject schools, I suspect, are ISO 9000 certified:-((



Jottings From The US: Anytime Is A Good Time!


Though it has to do with our recent the trip to US, strictly speaking, this is more about after our return.

travelguideindia org

I finished my chores in the market and finally planted myself before her usual busy self in her office.

Despite feeling a little dizzy after a sleepless night on the flight, I had not lost my cool. Making light of it, I said: ‘Out there, I bragged how efficient you guys were and then…you let me down.’

‘Why, why? What happened?’

I knew she knew she had goofed – she had not got me an isle-side seat for me as expressly requested. Also, she had not acknowledged or apologized for it when I brought it to her notice later by email a couple of days ago.

A few more words exchanged – all polite. She came up with some clumsy explanation about how sometimes airlines on their own alter…

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A Bird, A Cage And Freedom



Have taken a bird out from its cage,

it remains to take the cage out from its mind.


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A Love Story (In Pics)



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