A Discourse On A Tree (100 words)

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‘Tomorrow it’s going to be a feast for us too, you know? Zamindar celebrating his son’s marriageeveryone invited followed by a sumptuous lunch.’

‘Telling me, silly bird? I know exactly what happens in the village and for miles around.’  

‘Oh, you do?’

‘How many eyes and ears you have?’

‘Why, a pair each.’

‘I’ve hundreds. Your feathered friends here – when they return at nightfall, I hear it all. And, these passers-by pausing under my shade for rest – they aren’t tongue-tied either.’

‘So you must know the town guys

‘What about them?’

‘Themplanning to clear up this area and about?’




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Rumi Says





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The Learner And The Lesson


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The Art Of Living






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A Love Story (In 50 Words)

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The little girl playing in the park saw it snagged in the bush.

She pulled it out gently without a tear.

Years later, her husband saw the little boy in her wallet and asked.

She said almost wistfully: ‘My first love.’

He smiled: ‘Had lost this when I was nine.’



Source: Adapted from Friends For Us (a facebook group) and image from e2ua.com

Advancements In Mediscare

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A Discourse On A Tree

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The Wise One knew right away from the flutter.

‘Hey, you are not one of us.’

‘Right you’re. Not to worry, I’ll be gone in minutes.’

‘What brings you here?’

‘Came to eat on a berry.’

‘Foolish thing, don’t you know this is a mango tree?’

‘Oh, I brought it with me.’

A gentle breeze rustled the leaves.





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