Srirangatthu Devathaigal (Damsels Of Srirangam)

Fertility goddess:

Their charms to no avail on this sage in penance!

This time it is four-faced creator Brahma himself doing penance!

The proceedings watched by a shepherd with mild interest (is he a way-farer?) – look at his protection against the elements!


PS: The story connecting the reliefs is fictional!


Srirangatthu Devathaigal (Damsels Of Srirangam)


Wiles And Guile’s Of Indian Politicians

In this department, our guys can teach rest of the world a trick or two!

Common Man: ‘You recall the much publicized announcement from M K Karunanidhi (late DMK chief) saying he has willed his palatial house to be converted into a hospital (for the poor, what else?) after his demise? Whatever happened to it now that he is no more?’

Party Worker: ‘Our leader’s promise still stands. Never his words would go untrue.’

Common Man: ‘You mean a hospital has come up in that place?’

Party Worker: ‘No. But then who said our leader has passed away? Must be the chaps in opposition – low lives. He is still very much with us…in our mind and thoughts. He would never leave us as orphans.’

Commom Man: ‘Eh?’


Finally You Can Get Back At Those ‘Well-Wishers’…

sending you chain-mails!

Give it to them:


Thus Spake The Voices…

Raga’s To Calm Rattled Nerves

Two krithi’s composed by Annamacharya rendered in sweetest of Raga’s (these could also be playfully boisterous when called for);

Raga: Sindhu Bhairavi

Artist: Kadri Gopinath


Raga: Shuddha Dhanyasi

Artist: Balakrishna Prasad

Krithi: Vinaro bhagyamu



Groom Wanted!

Yes, it would be an arranged-by-the-family marriage for reasons you’ll shortly understand and approve.

While I’ve the permission of the family to share the horoscope and a photo of the US-born-and-lovingly-bred girl, this invitation for a suitable alliance is for a wider choice and solely my personal doing, hopefully a pardonable overreach from a well-wisher. The interested may contact the family directly to take the matter forward.

Here’s the horoscope cast by a learned jyotish (astrologer):

Nama-karanam (naming ceremony), Ayusha-homam for long life and other rituals for general well-being like archana’s at the temple on Tamizh and English birthdays every year – all performed as prescribed.

More on her: Understands fluent English and Tamizh. Amiable and loving disposition. Likes swimming, long hikes, frolicking on the beach, watching movies (Tamizh and Hindi, especially Tamizh comedy). Not a vegan but loves dosa, idli, chapati, kuzhi paniyaram, murukku/chakli , thattai, bhakarwadi, toasted butter-pav, paneer, milk-shakes…but no ¬†onions or garlic, sweets, chocolates, nuts and coffee.

Before I’m accused of advocating child marriage – Maya is 2012-born – let me present a snap of the bride and clear myself:

The girl is not cropped out – she’s the girl! A basenji-corgi cross.