Time To Go (50 Words)



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At breakfast,

‘Your boss is in town?’


‘Got pulled up or something?’

More silence.

Finally, ‘Nothing, but why do you ask?’

‘This week you are leaving home early at half-past. I’ve never seen you…now there, why don’t you finish your…’

Just right for the bus to the Central Park.





Kabhi Khudpe





If The Claim Is True, US Is On A Steep Slope…


…going up!!

They were so right, while I was gawking!

Reason? Look it up in the comments.



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The Women Knew About It All Along!


The Ramappa Temple near Warangal so uniquely named after its architect was constructed in the 13th century during the rule of Kakatiya’s. Its richly embellished sculptures rival the feast laid out by the Hoysala’s in Belur (12th century).

Here are just a few snaps of the icons and panels available on the net:

Musicians and Dancers in ecstatic postures:


A long chain of 523 elephants walking around, sculpted all differently on the base of the temple:

520 elephants walking around all different

And here’s our lady wearing high-heels!

HighHeels Ramappa Temples

Unfortunately, there are no video clips I could find in English explaining the sculptures and their intricacies.


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Pardon Me, Your Slip Is Showing

She finished dinner in her room and buzzed for the plates to be cleared – after the meal, she did not want any smell of food lingering in the room.

A knock at the door – she opened to find a stranger in place of the room-service she had expected.

The stranger seemed no less surprised at seeing her.

Recovering quickly, ‘I’m sorry, I thought it was my room…’

Not waiting for a response, he swiftly turned away making to the bank of elevators at the far end.

She closed the door softly and returned pensively to the lounging sofa…shortly after she got up and called the front-desk.

If it wasn’t to follow up with room-service, what was it about?



13-year-old Aditi Krishnan had me scratching my head until she gave it out. My excuse: I had not had my mid-day coffee yet. If you had yours and still…look it up in the comments.


Restaurant Scene

This may work for you too in a crowded restaurant:

कल मैं होटल में नाश्ता करने गया तो देखा कि सभी सीट कपल पर बैठे थे! बैठने के लिए जगह ही नही थीं! मैंने जेब से फोन निकाला और जोर से बोला,
“तेरी गर्लफ्रेंड यहाँ दूसरे के साथ बैठी है, तू जल्दी आ!”
5 लड़कियां गायब हो गयी!

When I went to the restaurant yesterday, all seats were taken by couples.

I called up (not really) my friend asking him rather audibly to come down: ‘You better hurry up, I see your girl friend is here with someone else.’

Before I ‘disconnected’, five seats fell vacant!


याद रखिये,
अगर कोई सुन्दर युवती बिल्कुल बिंदास होकर आपकी बगल वाली सीट पर आकर बैठ जाए,
तो समझ जाईये कि अब आप युवा नहीं रहे।

Remember this:

If a beautiful girl opts for the seat next to you, may it be understood (she considered it safe for her and) you’re no longer…


साला भलाई का ज़माना ही नहीं रहा।
पडोसी ने मुझसे पूछा, “आपने मेरी बीवी को देखा क्या?”
मैं बोला, “हाँ मैंने नहाते हुए देखा था।”
साले ने मेरी जमकर कुटाई कर दी।
अब उसे कौन समझाये कि नहा तो मैं रहा था, वो गली से गुज़र रही थी।

Damn, these are not days for speaking the truth.

My neighbor asked me: ‘Have you seen my wife?’

‘I said: ‘Yes, I did, when taking bath.’

Thereupon he went berserk…

before I could tell him I saw her passing by on the road while I was bathing.


If B + C is A, B must be A – C, right? Not always, we learn:

‘Yeh banana kaisay diya?’

‘Ek rupyah.’

’60 paise ka deta hai?’

’60 paise mein to sirf chilka milega.’

‘Ley 40 paise, chilka rakh aur kela day de.’


‘How much is this banana?’

‘One rupee.’

‘Will you give it for 60 paise?’

‘For 60 paise, you’ll only get the skin.’

‘Okay, take these 40 paise and give me the fruit. You may keep the skin.’





Via: gopalaswamy and net; image: (Firkin), from a drawing in ‘Tableaux de Paris’, Emile Goudeau, 1893.