A Minister Visits His Village

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The incongruous mansion was abuzz with people.

For, whatever happened was quite unthinkable.

Ever since he heard of it, he was quite agitated.

Citizens’ assets, at any cost, must be protected.


He did not much trust his locals to repair,

so, came straight down in person to take care.

On arrival he set about cracking his whip:

The theft must be solved before sundown.

he roared – till then he wouldn’t partake a sip

of water – so they raided sparing no village or town.


By noon he sat down for a sumptuous lunch,

grinning more than a cat proud with its catch -.

efficient law men in a trice had the theft undone

though  thieves rounded up somehow were none.

It mattered little now – the buffaloes were restored

back to the owner – the minister, for all he cared.


Law rightly upheld, now justice was due

to butter chicken, dal makhani, roti’s…phew.

A blissful siesta and he was ready for lok darbar.

To air their grievances villagers from near and far

came – it was all about stray dogs, water and power,

leaky class-rooms, broken benches and no doctor.

All deftly handled – he gave away nothing,

copious note diligently made for safe filing.


There was this bunch that came in at the end,

eyes down, tongue tied and shuffling around.

Words came out with fear in their tremulous voice:

“They stole our buffaloes this morning…the police.”




PS: lok darbar is a public forum.

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This Is Not In The Casanova’s Book Of Tricks

Jack goes to his friend Mike and says …

“I’meeting the priest’s wife this morning. You know we’re friendly.  Can you hold him in church for an hour after mass for me?”

The friend doesn’t like it but being a friend, he agrees.

After mass, he starts talking to the priest, asking him all sorts of stupid questions, just to keep him occupied.

Finally the priest gets annoyed and asks Mike what he’s really up to.

Mike, feeling guilty, finally confesses to the priest…

“My friend is with your wife right now in your house, so he asked me to keep you occupied.”

The priest smiles, puts a brotherly hand on Mike’s shoulder and says…


“You better hurry home now. My wife died a year ago”





Source: funonthenet

Whodunnit: ‘Mate, That’s Not True’

GDJ Vintage Cruise ShipThe captain of a ship flying the Japanese flag sailing across the Pacific takes off his expensive solid-gold chain and bracelet and goes to take a shower in the crew quarters.

When he comes out ten minutes later, he finds the chain and the bracelet. He summons the rest of the crew sharing the quarters and asks them their whereabouts during the time he was in the shower.

The cook: ‘I was in the cold room to pick up meat for lunch.’

The engineer: ‘I was in the engine room to check out things.’

The helper: ‘The flag on the mast was upside down. I was setting it right.’

The mechanic: ‘I was resting in my bed after the night shift.

Indo Japan amitojgautam1.wordpress.com

How did the captain spot the liar right away?


As always, it’s given away in the ‘Comments’.



Source: Sent by Siddharth, my nephew. Images from openclipart (Vintage Cruise Ship by GDJ) and amitojgautam1.wordpress.com

170×170 day 83 22.7.15


From the prolific poetess, an amazing writer and a good friend Sharmishta Basu. And do not miss out on the second piece.:

Originally posted on Thoughts:

83 22.7.15  villanelle EQ seven Quatrain

Moon’s silver rays paint a sad haunting scene
Stars watch from sky above and simmer
Behind the veils of mist and clouds
chilled night wind kisses makes birds shiver
though snuggled within the blankets of leaves green.

Envelop Quintet
Rhyme Scheme a. b. b. b. a. or
a, b, c, b, a
Iambic Pentameter or 10 syllables suggested

Ghosts lurking
Followed by goblin
Oh no don’t fret
Its only Halloween.

Rules of a Quatrain:
Did you notice that a quatrain is formed by two rhyming couplets? Easy! This pattern is called a a b b. The first line rhymes with the second (sky and by) and the third line rhymes with the fourth line (edge and ledge). Other quatrain patterns are a b a b,
a b b a, and a b c b.

Gone are the children that used to play
under sun, moon and rain
Poplar trees in…

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All About Motive Force

Chicken egg




Image: theguardian.com

What’s The Point?

Angry-Head caliebschacher













Source: By Gordon Lawrie in fridayflashfiction.com and image from openclipart (caliebschacher)

A Crime Is Solved (In 150 Words)

He was running late for the appointment. He gave his hair a final pat-down before the mirror above the dresser and pocketed the nail-cutter. He always clipped his finger-nails during  cab rides.


On the following day the morning tabloid screamed in bold about the gruesome murder of a young woman in a cab abandoned on the outskirts of the city. A sudden chill came over him when he recognized, in a shot of the cab’s interior, the strange-looking figurine hanging by a thread resembling a hangman’s rope.

The police were baffled to find no clues to who the perpetrator could be. The driver-cum-owner was in the clear, reporting the theft of his cab from outside of a tea-shop in the evening before.

Before long they had cracked the case, as always. DNA-matched nail-clippings found on the floor of the cab served as clinching evidence for conviction.



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