Sights And Signs On Streets Of Chennai

Observed during a recent visit in Dec’19:

What is Scary Harry doing lurking round the corner weeks after Haooween?

Fooled you! Actually a parked two-wheeler in its head-to-toe cover!


Has nothing to do with punching-bags, boxing….it’s a shop to mend flat tyres.


Intriguingly stops short of naming who should hang for the mess in Andhra!

Nothing as serious as that – it’s an eatery offering Andhra cusine!


Well, we have no issues with that as long as he doesn’t get racuous about it!

Not to worry, Balaji is not one of those loquacous chaps. It’s a fast-food eatery offering chaats like bhel puri, pani puri….


Obviously you had one job to do, that you didn;do well.

Modi-ji (Indian Prime-Minister where everyone’s buck stops), you goofed – there’s no sign instructing citizens to deposit into the bin.


How Did We Miss Seeing It Until…?


Wishful Thinking


Finally, The ‘Why’ Is Answered!!!

A question tormenting the human race for ages is finally laid to rest:


vide Matthew Kroeger‎ to Non-political Beyond the Far Side group

No Kidding, They Said That??

A few non-troll responses elicited by the above post:


Ry.. What is difference of normal bees and queen bee? 😅

Jh.. Queen Bees having a crown

Pa.. Normal bees are the peasants or the soldiers. The queen gives birth to all of them.
P.S. Oh and the crown as said before

Ry.. Okay, thanks guys. Even i can’t believe that queen bees using a crown 😅


Ah.. How did they count them?


Ah.. Za.. Is that a bee counter?

Za.. Nope. That’s a money counter machine

Ah.. How is that supposed to count bees?


Jo.. How did they count the bees?

Mu.. By beetometer bro



Ryo.. no one believes you.


Ha.. Would u show me an evidence that it’s certainly a 20k bees?

Ya.. Ha.. count it.

Ha.. I asked, you do.


Va.. WTF 20.000? This should be 20,001 bees. They don’t count the queen bee? They will be jailed because the queen is not considered

An.. it’s not 20,001 because the queen wasn’t chasing the car, she was trapped in it


Ro… What if they are 20,001? So it’s not a meme anymore? It’s a misinformation.

An.. Source??????

Ar… Queen is been kidnapped

Sa.. Al.. “Bee”ware of who you lock away in your car

Ja.. That’s loyalty and determination

Te.. If you know anything about bees, you would know that story isn’t true. Bees will make a new queen if the old one dies or disappears. That’s how splitting a hive works.


When Treat Gets Tricky…


Source: Sven HoffmannNon-political Beyond the Far Side group

Indifference, Embarassment And Astonishment – All In One Pix!!


Source: Bambi Bambina  in The Idealist