Move Over, Olympians…

This guy…holding a massive block of concrete aloft, no bend, no sag, no sweat!!!


Well…one thing is certain – whoever took this shot is not a friend!!!

He didn’t keep them out – the shadows….



Mothers-In-Law, Pls Excuse

A real meanie: funny-jokes-viral-on-internet-and-social-media-5 jokes-15.07.18-7-1

To assess how much her sons-in-law love her,

one day a mother-in-law jumped into a river.

One of the three sons-in-law jumped in right away and rescued her.

She rewarded him with a car.

On the following day, she jumped again into the river.

The second son-in-law jumped in this time and brought her back safe.

He got a bike for his rescue act.

On the third day the lady jumped once again into the river.

The third son-in-law, thinking he would get a cycle, did not move an inch.

The poor lady was drowned.

On the fourth day, however, he was surprised to receive a brand new BMW.

Pretty wierd, how did he…

The benefactor turned out to be his father-in-law!!






Finally, Resolved!!

Answer found at last to a question confounding humanity thru ages and eliciting weirdest theories:

Maya Balthazar





Source: Thru Maya Balthazar and Aishwarya Govind in FB.

The Survival Of The Intelligent


More evidence coming in, after here and here, about animals evolving rapidly to get ahead of homo-sapiens in the game:




“Just do it” training

After months of searching, Dewey found a job in electrical engineering.

Dewey traveled to various locales to analyze and fix problems with his company’s equipment. Yet it frustrated him that his employer gave him little training.

One day Dewey heard about some training classes coming up and asked his boss if he might attend.

“For sure,” his boss said. “I was already planning on sending you.”

“You were?”

“Oh yes, who do you think is going to be teaching it?”




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Incredible India!!

Newsitem in  Indian Express:


Mumbai overbridge collapsed barely seven months after audit

Railways Minister Piyush Goyal visited the accident site and ordered an inquiry by the Commissioner of Rail Safety.

Published: 03rd July 2018 07:23 PM  |   Last Updated: 04th July 2018 04:00 AM  | 

Footover bridge collapse, Bridge collapse in mumbai

Mumbai Rescue workers underway after a foot-overbridge collapsed on the railway tracks following heavy rains at Andheri Station in Mumbai on Tuesday July 3 2018. | PTI

By Express News Service

NEW DELHI/MUMBAI: Barely seven months after it was inspected for structural safety, the Gokhale overbridge at Andheri railway station in Mumbai collapsed on Tuesday disrupting train services and injuring five people

Now for the dark humor:

From Gautham Iyengar to Friends For us

Three friends, an Indian, a British and a Saudi Arabian were having dinner together.

British: ‘Why India is called Incredible India?’

Indian: ‘I can explain…. What you would do if one newly made over bridge breaks down crushing people under it ….’

British: ‘Well, the irresponsible engineer and the official involved would be jailed for the rest of their lives, for sure.’

Saudi Arabian: ‘The engineer and the official would be shot three times in the head and hanged in public.’

Indian: ‘We have a very different method here… We take the injured to the Hospital and then we beat up the doctor if anyone doesn’t recover…’

British: ‘Oh, that’s incredible!!!’



Musings Of An Idle Philosopher









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