Can You Spot It?

Something interesting here, I thought, though not the kind to set Ganges on fire.

This is a picture taken by B, an ex-colleague. a friend, a nature lover, an ace shooter…with his camera, a cook who loves to experiment, a reviewer of eateries, etc. etc.

Location: Chembur.

To me, it is interesting to see this winged fellow picking twigs for the nest, all of uniform girth, neither too thick and stiff or too thin and breakable as if there exists some engineering specification!


Can You Spot…

…him/her, a relatively flightless bird, a large one hiding in plain sight?

Think about it, how many of us get to see a….in our morning walks? Well, it happens often to M near his home in Mysore!!!

1 IMG_20170710_064043815_HDR

Look up in the comments if you couldn’t.