What Is Love?


A Love Story


” A piece of glass shatters, sighing

it was the promise of a stone to be its protector.”





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Somethings Don’t Change…


“The Other Half” is the story of two people falling in love.  On the left side of the screen we see the girl’s side of the story. She lives in 1925 – almost 100 years ago.  On the right side of the screen we see the boy’s side of the story. He lives in the present day.  By bringing their two worlds together as one, we see that falling in love, and embarking on a relationship, is a universal story which will keep being replayed throughout time.  While many aspects of our lives today are very different to almost a century ago, the really important things haven’t changed at all.

A very short clip, here it is.

Directed by Ringan Ledwidge.  Client: John Lewis.  Filming location: London, England.  The soundtrack is a cover of the INXS song “Never Tear Us Apart” re-recorded by Paloma Faith. Lyrics: Don’t ask me / What you know is true / Don’t have to tell you / I love your precious heart / I I was standing / You were there / Two worlds collided / And they could never tear us apart.



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A Tip For The Love Smitten





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A Love Story (In 50 Words)

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The little girl playing in the park saw it snagged in the bush.

She pulled it out gently without a tear.

Years later, her husband saw the little boy in her wallet and asked.

She said almost wistfully: ‘My first love.’

He smiled: ‘Had lost this when I was nine.’



Source: Adapted from Friends For Us (a facebook group) and image from e2ua.com

What is the difference between: ‘I like you’ and ‘I love you’?

Buddha says:

Buddha Says


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Wish I Had Said This

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