Exams Are Like…

There are many memes on the subject – poor student sweating out in the examination hall.

These memes do get a fair share of responses when posted. It is interesting to look at these responses elicited by this one – they reveal the richness and diversity in thinking of the human mind – pls note, corporate honchos, if you think all the wisdom lies in one head. Of course most are flippant, hilarious, while a few seriously address the problem! Speculating on who in the world Jack is some go so far as to implicate poor Jill who knows nothing about the question on hand or even the beanstalk! Here is a very small sample across the spectrum:

###ברייטמן: Easy 34 stickers because he gave Dave 3

### Chaudhuri: Well according to nomenclature theory, Tani is a name given to women. But Jen gave the stickers to a man….and there is only one man present in this question, assuming that man is no one but Jack, Jack has 10 stickers……..😏

### Patra: Jack have 69 stickers…Prove me wrong 😂

### Kaur: 23 Stickers….becoz jack is the another name of Tani.

Suddenly the thought occured: What would I say?

Pause here for a moment and think about how would you answer.

Done? Here we go.

How about ‘Same as what Jack had before’? After all there are no transactions involving him. Simple, eh? Of course a dull/dry solution from who but an engineer trying hard to do better:-)


Chuckles For The Weekend

From A Joke A Day


My Job As A Taxi Driver

Submitted by raza

I got fired from my job as a taxi driver…

It turns out my customers didn’t like it when I tried to go the extra mile.


I Just Bought A Pig

Submitted by Henne

Two friends were chatting. “I’ve just bought a pig!” said the first.

“But where will you keep it?” asked the second. “Your yard’s much too small for a pig!”

“I’m going to keep it under my bed,” replied the first.

“But what about the smell?”

“He’ll soon get used to that.”


Trying To Catch Up 

Submitted by mcdanijt

Cop: You know how fast you were going?

Guy: Sorry officer, I was just trying to catch up with traffic.

Cop: What traffic? The road is empty.

Guy: Yea, that’s how far behind I am.


The Viola Student 

Submitted by D-Gellybean

The conductor turned to the viola student and said, “You should have taken up the viola earlier.” 

“Why?” asked the student. “Do you think the practice would have made me really good?”

“No,” said the conductor. “But you might have given up by now.”



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Would You Still Grudge Them Their Pay And Vacation?

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Would You Still Grudge Them Their Pay And Vacation?