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My Name, Eh? Well…To Be Honest, I Don’t Know!






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Happy Father’s Day…

…and a husband’s on a holiday at a beach!

Happy Father's Day



What Counts Is…

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Let’s Export Some!!

One thing that’s never in short supply in this country is humor. Thank god for this perennial font of wisdom and humor from the political class, life is never dull in this place Here’s the latest:


An Ex-Chief Minister of Indian National Congress, Ashok Gehlot fears: By building hydro power plants, Narendra Modi’s government is taking away electricity out of water; how would the crops grow then? Another conspiracy yet against the farming community!

It must be said for the benefit of the uninformed, leaders from other parties are not far behind.



PS: Subsequently there are some messages questioning the authenticity of the video.






The Mother Of The Year Contest – Our Entry

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Who Says There Are No Ghosts?

Hey, naysayers, come here, to be proved wrong!!

They’re often sighted without fail in some parts of the country at certain times –  if you know where and when to look for; the knowledge is by no means arcane.

But this man has been distinctly unlucky in his efforts!

The old man came out after casting his vote from the polling booth.

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He asked the polling agent, “Did my wife come to cast her vote?”

A very odd question. Nevertheless the obliging agent took the details and looked at the list and said, “Yes, Sir! She was here sometime back.”

The old man became sad and said, “I wish I was here a bit early. I would have met her.”

The agent was surprised and asked him, “Doesn’t she stay with you anymore???”

“I have seen that she comes to cast her vote whenever there is an election. She passed away fifteen years ago.”





PS: Refers to fake voting in certain pockets of the states. Notwithstanding the above, it must be said the Election Commission has been and is doing a great job in a country where many work solely to wreck the system.

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