When Words Are An Intrusion…









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I’m Never Alone In My Walks

This time it’s at my Sister-In-Law’s place in Marthahalli, Bengaluru:

“Tell us are we one or many?”

“Trust us, hanging together is so much more fun! And, yes, we’re unwashed byTide or Surf!

“Shhhh…it’s nap time”

“Doesn’t a dash of purple make a pretty picture?”

“Poser for you: tell us if we’re right side up”

“Perhaps not in 50 shades, but we aren’t far behind”

“Don’t let them tell you soft pink doesn’t go with red…and when sunset gold too jumps in…”

Yes, it does get a bit crowded up here, but we’ll manage…”

“We may be green behind the ears for now, but not for long”

“Stop, freeze..you see the green turning into red?”

“Be it may we aren’t tall as a palm, all the same we’re doing fine”

“Another poser for you: What are we if we aren’t some exotic bird or a Halloween cat?”

“Show us a wall and we’ll…BTW Mr. Spideman cut his teeth here not to speak of the few he broke!”

“Yes, we’re different – we love our mother Earth more than the big Fireball up there”


When Words Are An Intrusion…


Source: Tamizh Amudam, Mohan Hariharan, Push Pagaran‎ to படித்ததில் ரசித்தது, 100% சிரிப்பு இலவசம் all in FB.

I’m Never Alone…

…in my morning walks. Keeping company are ‘people’ that talk, show off…Mine is but to watch and listen.

For starters,

Three maidens growing bold and pushing themselves up catch my sight!

One of them lets me get pretty close. Intentions – of course, honorable. Ain’t she pretty?
“Siblings, alright…but we’re, as you see, different”

“So we are…”
“If we’re white, rest assured it’s not for fear”
“Ask me how to build your shoulders”
“Confetti? Oh…just back from a wedding.”
:Believe me, it’s not rouge”

“Seek, ye shall find, they said”
“We may fall from heights, but not from beauty and grace”

“We’re up and ready for the day, why aren’t you?”

Interesting company, eh?


Source: All pics are from the front-yard of the house we’re in for now and where I take my walks, except the last one.

Beautiful Japan

Found these ‘urban’ pictures  of Japan as beautiful – what, ‘urban’ and beauty? yes, it is – as those of cherry blossoms (see the source below):


Late Night SceneNeonfantaji (Neon Fantasy)After the Rain20 YearsFuturismYoasobiMidnight NoirNight StrollStore Front





Source: Sent by Deepak Punjabi along with a video from Gabriel Traveler on     funonthenet.





A No Story

Grandad: 87 years old


Grandma: 82 years old


Grandad – the keeper of the family history


Grandad has a drawer full of albums. His albums contain all of his photos in black and white, since he was a child in 1930, until he became a man, joined to the army then got married. Open the albums, enjoy the smell of old papers, see and read notes inside, you will feel clearly a whole life of a man with beautiful and special memories.

Grandma poetry is a diary into her soul


Grandma poetry is a diary into her soul


Grandma deep in her Inner World


Grandad learns to use the computer and internet by himself in order to keep in touch with his old friends and family members


Grandad knows how to use Facebook, basic Photoshop, Movie Maker

DSC02244-5abc40436e3ab__880He said “everyone needs to know as much as possible about the technology to improve their mind and keep in touch with others”. He often makes short clips or photos to mail us, family members, as a gift in some occasions or just because sometimes he wanna share his feeling. He also is grandma’s teacher about technology.

Praying for the happiness of the whole family


Beautiful old skin. How many miles have these old feet walked?


Beautiful old skin. How many miles have these old feet walked?


Bún is her favorite food


“Once upon a time… when we were young”



Where’s the story, you ask.

You just saw one, beautiful if ever!

Our story?




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Deepak Punjabi indigoblue2005@yahoo.com [funonthenet]

Words Worth A Thousand Pictures





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