Learning English? Keep Away, Please!

Special Sugar Section

Which one of the following words does not belong with the other six?


Hint: Go straight to ‘Answer’ below. I didn’t even try!





Mishap is the misfit.

The other six words, and the three in the title, all contain the ‘sh’ sound – which is spelled in nine different ways!

Ironically, the word which does contain -sh- is not pronounced ‘sh’!

‘Schedule’ would count as another spelling of the same sound, depending on which side of the Atlantic you studied!


Source: braingle.com, image from wpclipart.com


Coffee Is No Help…

At least it didn’t work for me. Try cracking these two:

Simple, eh? That was from Buzzfeed.

Here comes the second one:

Can you make a square by touching only one matchstick?

When you have had enough – I did no better – pls find the solutions in comments.


A Million Dollar Question

And the question is:

Which among these is two zero and two four?

(In Hindi numbers are usually referred to in singular)

And your choices are:

वो मेरे अपने जो बदल गये हैं






Source: वो मेरे अपने जो बदल गये हैं

Figure This Out…

if you’ve a little time!

If you too are where I’m (mentally) a cup of good coffee helps, I assure you.

The question: Of the seven chillies in the pix below, find the one that’s a mere drawing. The rest are real chillies.

Fun Mag one is a drawing it is 2

I’ve always been fond of riddles, posers, puzzles and problems. The present state of affairs is this is just about as much as I can handle.   Well, in this instance, may be another couple of chillies more before it gets too complicated!

If the coffee hasn’t done much good, the solution is in the ‘Comments’.



PS: When my g-daughter (8 yo) came to me one day complaining of boredom – it’s vacation for her – I pulled out this one expecting her to be engaged with it for some time. It was of little comfort to see her blurt out at first glance the principle of the solution. Strangely and luckily (!) she had trouble applying it through to find the solution  – thus the objective of relieving her boredom for sometime was met before we moved onto the next.

Source: Fun Mag


The Morning Coffee Didn’t Work

Good haven’t-heard-that-one-before riddles are hard to come by these days. Well, here’s one that’s cute, I thought.

After running into those ‘A man has 13 water-melons – now why in the heavens would he if he wasn’t a shopkeeper or a farmer – in his sack’ (arithmetic, you remember?), tell your incredulous self to go for this one, not minding the strange and misspelt names:

In a family,

Family 1

The question is, you guessed it right:

Family 2

Insufficient data? I too thought so.

A 60-seconds time-out starts now…………………………………………


For those of you of my kind, the gentleman is named in the ‘Comments’!




Source: Pinterest

If The Claim Is True, US Is On A Steep Slope…


…going up!!

They were so right, while I was gawking!

Reason? Look it up in the comments.



Source: Piniterest





I’ll Be Happy To Know You Didn’t Get It Either!!

No great shakes?


There are ten people in a house. Everybody wants to make a hand shake with only people shorter than themselves. Assume everybody is different in height.

How many hand shakes are made?

I’ve already given it away!! Go to ‘Comments’ if you still wish to know.




From: braingle.com (beijing200820) and clipartix.com