What No City But Mumbai Teaches …

3, 4 and 5 are my favorites!


Source: The Nationalist Mind

Life In Mumbai

Source: Usha Narayanan

Don’t I know it! Could well have been me.

(9.50 mins) in Marathi with subtitles in English

Sums it up quite well, doesn’t it?

By the way, you noticed, it wasn’t just him?


Amazon, You May Want To Look At This!!

We take life too seriously in this part of the world, I thought. Morose, whining, cynical….mags, especially in Tamizh,  continuing to publish stupid ‘jokes’ that won’t evoke a snicker from a self-respecting earthworm.

Luckily all is not lost. When it comes to topical humor, we’re second to none on this planet…the mags do redeem themselves in this department.

Here are a couple in the aftermath of the recent rains:

Michael Noronha

ISRO is the Indian space agency.

The second is a short clip from our friends in the south, Kerala:


The waterway in this boating clip is actually a ‘pucca’ motorable road under normal conditions.  And the boating itself, no sham, is authentic in the manner of traditional boat races on river waters the state is known for.  More than the prank played by the weather god and the denizens’ response, it’s a comment the clip drew makes it abs hilarious:

” Suresh Thunga: looks like someone ordered same day delivery through amazon prime….

Won’t be surprised if Amazon picks this up for its promotion!





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