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Do You Know What Goes On When You’re Not Around?

This was captured on a home CCTV:





Remember Your Chum?

Am sure we all had someone like this with us in our class at one time or the other:-)


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Source: Powerhumans

Cheer Up, It Can’t Be Worse Than For This Kid

Saddest Kid He thought school was for only one day edited.jpg

He thought the school was just for a day!





Source: Uber Humor (Steve Holt)

Who Brought Down The Walls Of Jericho?


The visiting Bible school supervisor asks little Johnny during Bible class:

“Who broke down the walls of Jericho?”

Little Johnny replies:

“I dunno, but it wasn’t me!”

The supervisor, taken aback by Johnny’s lack of basic Bible knowledge goes to the school principal and relates the whole incident.

The principal replies:

“I know Little Johnny as well as his whole family very well and can vouch for them; if Little Johnny said that he did not do it, then I, as principal is satisfied that it is the truth.”

Even more appalled, the inspector goes to the regional Head of Education and relates the whole story…

After listening he replies:

“I can’t see why you are making such a big issue out of this; just get three quotes and fix the wall!”


Credits: From The painting ‘The Taking of Jericho,’ is by James Jacques Joseph Tissot (French, 1836-1902), gouache on board, 7 1/4 x 5 15/16 in. at the Jewish Museum, New York (Source: Wiki).

A Black-Lettered Day

Yesterday – a day I suddenly lost a big piece of myself.

A day, I wish, had never dawned.


A class-mate at school and a friend, a bond that lasted for over 50 years.

They say: “Friendship is the kind that doesn’t depend on a common situation, place or hobbies. A friend is one who loves you for being you, will worry about your problems, will help whenever he can without you asking him to, and will always care about what you are going through.”

He was all this and more.

Was I to him? I wish I could be surer.

I curse myself for not reaching him in those weeks.

It feels so unreal.

One more puncture in the bubble-wrap of life.

Credits: for the quote.

That’s How it Goes

They were new to the neighborhood.

After a late night, the family on this day had overslept and their six-year-old daughter missed her school bus.


The father, though late for work himself, had to drive her. Since he did not know the way, he said that she would have to direct him to the school. And she assured him she would.

They rode several blocks before she told him to turn the first time, several more before she indicated another turn. This went on for 20 minutes and they finally reached the school.

That’s when the father realized that the school was only a short distance from their home.

Much annoyed, he asked his daughter why she’d led him around in such a huge circle.

young-girl oc bisida

The child explained, ‘But, Dad, we reached without a single wrong turn. Didn’t we? And, that’s the way the school bus goes.’

End .
Credits:, openclipart (schoolfreeware, Bisidi)