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Must We?

Here’s a down-to-bones homeless destitute happily sharing his morsels with a dog!

Once-in-a-decade moment captured.

But the caption that follows…spoils the meal for us.

“Look at these without the riches – they may lack in possessions, but they have a fund of covet-able virtues…only they!” That’s what it means to say.

The purpose seems to be to sound a clarion call to our latent better selves Nothing wrong with that. But the word ‘only’ was unwarranted I thought. A generalization blown away in a mere breath.

However it is well in line with the detestable practice so prevalent in Tamizh writing – or, is it Indian at large? – to put something or someone down while extolling the virtues of something or someone else.

Is it a mere literary style, perfectly legitimate, for staging a little drama of provocation or something deeper – an odious expression of a hidden streak of envy, though harmless in itself, in the psyche of a class in the society proudly distinct from the ‘have-not’s and enviously not made it yet to have’s?

Is it a national trait to compare and contrast? Can’t we appreciate. enjoy life without…


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Celebrate Life With…


…our silent partners!


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Thus Spake The Voices…

World’s Shortest Horror Picture-Story…

with world’s largest cast – in fact, everyone of us:-((

Here’s what 9-years old Kuzhali thought of the subject in a recent competition held in Chennai under the auspices of Bharath Scout And Guides:

It’s interesting how the surface features like trees, farms, factories…are shown on the spherical globe conveying the universality of the problem and the solution!


Source: Image from Science Lovers in FB. I found Kuzhali’s drawing in a FB post by her dad, the eminent author of children’s stories, Vizhiyan.

Light And Dark

The Most Beautiful Word

The most beautiful word
In the world is not love,
Nor is it halcyon or hope,
And neither exemption nor blessed redemption
Falls into the breadth of its scope.

While words may have beauty
And susurrous charm,
Ineffable eloquence too,
And though mellifluous, they’re still superfluous;
Their arms cannot carry you through

All the walls that divide,
All the borders that hate,
All the ignorant eyes that can’t see;
The most beautiful word that could ever be heard
Is not “you” nor “I”, it is “we”.

2019 © Sonya Annita Song



Why Did She Do It?

If it isn’t vanity, beauty, fitness….what’s your guess?

It’s very likely to be as wrong as can be! Well, mine was.

The transplant was successfully done in June 2013.

Here’s a clip:


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