A Shayari

Never mind it reads morbid, it is too beautiful a piece to be held back, I thought:

Kisi shayar ne “Maut” ko kya khoob kaha:

Zindagi mein 2 minute koi mere paas na baitha,
aaj sabh mere paas baithe ja rahe the.

Koi tofha na mila aaj tak mujhe,
aaj phool hi phool diye ja rahe the.

Taras gaye main kisi ke hath se diye woh ek kapde ko,
aaj naye naye kapde odhaye ja rahe the.

Do kadam saath na chalne ko taiyar tha koi;
aaj kafila bana kar ja rahe the.

Aaj pata chala ke “Maut” itni haseen hoti hai,
kambakht hum to yuhi jiye ja rahe the.


From Gul. Authorship, unfortunately, not known.


4 Responses to A Shayari

  1. This is what happens when people are dead when alive. Contrast this with what Morie experienced* – all the praises, flowers when alive.
    * ‘Tuesdays with Morie’ by Mitch Album


  2. tskraghu says:

    Thanks for pointing to ‘Tuesdays with Morie’ by Mitch Albom. Read some extracts – interesting views!


  3. S Basu says:

    this is an extraordinary poem raghu, thanks for sharing. its a sad truth. i believe a hug exchanged during lifetime is far more valuable than a mausoleum of marble after death.


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