Who Brought Down The Walls Of Jericho?


The visiting Bible school supervisor asks little Johnny during Bible class:

“Who broke down the walls of Jericho?”

Little Johnny replies:

“I dunno, but it wasn’t me!”

The supervisor, taken aback by Johnny’s lack of basic Bible knowledge goes to the school principal and relates the whole incident.

The principal replies:

“I know Little Johnny as well as his whole family very well and can vouch for them; if Little Johnny said that he did not do it, then I, as principal is satisfied that it is the truth.”

Even more appalled, the inspector goes to the regional Head of Education and relates the whole story…

After listening he replies:

“I can’t see why you are making such a big issue out of this; just get three quotes and fix the wall!”


Credits: From arcamax.com. The painting ‘The Taking of Jericho,’ is by James Jacques Joseph Tissot (French, 1836-1902), gouache on board, 7 1/4 x 5 15/16 in. at the Jewish Museum, New York (Source: Wiki).

No Baggage May Serve Two Masters

If you thought only airports and airlines thwart reuniting of a baggage with its master, you’ve then clearly overlooked a few other possibilities such as this one:

geamantan01 cprostire

Mr. Smith was a traveling salesman and frequent flyer, so he was always very, VERY careful to mark his luggage so that no one would mistakenly take his bags. He always did this with bright ribbons and tape, so he was quite surprised to see his bags grabbed by a well dressed man when he got to the luggage carousel.

Mr. Smith walked over to the fellow and pointed out the colored ribbons tied to the handle, and the fluorescent tape on the sides.

“I believe that luggage is mine. Were your bags marked like this?” he asked.

“Actually,” the man replied, “I was wondering who did this to my luggage.”

Credits: arcamax.com and openclipart(geamantan01 cprostire)

You Know Why Beauty Is Ephemeral?

Four weeks ago, a conversation with my daughter soon after her return to Dallas.

‘Appa’ give me some time. I’ll send across all the snaps you took in Lonavala.’
‘Take your time, dear. Am in no hurry…’

Three weeks ago:

‘Appa, I have sent you four mails each with four attachments. It is just like the way I’ve been sending you snaps of the kids. Click on the attachment and save it to your computer. Simple, just the way you have been doing all along.’

‘I thought there were some forty snaps I had taken with your iPad.’

‘Don’t worry, you get the first lot first. If there are no problems, I’ll send the rest the same way…’

Two weeks ago:

‘Appa, were you able to download the photos?’

‘Yes, dear, I got all of them all right. The shots look good…I meant to me at least. You could have deleted those few all-black shots taken indoors. How did you find them – the photos?’

‘Didn’t know you are such an ace with the camera. The flowers have come out so well. Lovely, especially those in white, yellow, red. Going to share them with my friends. You should do this more often. Who knows you might even win a prize in one of those contests.’

2014-06-25 07.00.20

‘Aren’t you laying it a little thick? Humoring your dad, is it?’

‘No, Appa, I’m serious…’


‘Appa, have you got all the snaps now in your computer?’

‘I’ve, dear though downloading them all took a while. Even showed them to your Mom. The pictures are very crisp.’

‘They’re high resolution pictures, Appa. The files are large, that’s why’

‘Though the colors are not as brilliant as I got them on the iPad. Must have taken you a lot of time doing all this.’

‘Not a bother…want to check with you – can I now remove them from the iPad?…’

No doubt she was serious.


Three Strikes And Out

You be the judge:

Strike 1: I’m entirely innocent of composition and color, and light and lenses.

Strike 2: I’ve no idea what these are named in any language botany included.

2014-06-26 05.17.41

Strike 3: I couldn’t get them to pose in a row.

Looking forward to be sentenced… commented I mean.


Utter Momsense

Driving g

Credits: wackywits.com

The Elusive Bride

One evening, sitting in the bar George asked his 40-year-old buddy Johnny something that he had always wanted to ask:

“How come you aren’t married?”

Johnny: “I haven’t found the right woman yet.”

George: “So what are you looking for?”


Johnny: “Oh she’s got to be real pretty, – a good cook and house- keeper, and she’s got to know how to handle money, a really nice and pleasant personality is a must -and money, she’s got to have money…and a home, a nice big house, is what she has to have.”

George: “A woman like that would be crazy to marry YOU.”

Johnny: “Oh, it’s okay if she is crazy.”


Credits: raykiwsp.wordpress.com. Image of the actress Sheena Shahabadi is from the net.

Where Are The Yachts?

Some time ago, a visitor from out of town came to a tour in Manhattan.

yacht cemkalyoncu

At the end of the tour they took him to the financial district.

When they arrived at Battery Park the guide showed him some nice yachts anchoring there, and said,

“Here are the yachts of our bankers and stockbrokers.”

The naive visitor took all that in and finally meekly queried:

“And where are the yachts of the investors?” asked

Credits: arcamax.com, openclipart (yacht cemkalyoncu)


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