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So Far So Good

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Frivolous Monday

Coin Wt Machine 1

The man was waiting for his wife outside the shop when he saw the coin-operated weighing machine that could tell weight and prophesize future too.

He fished out a quarter out of his pocket and carefully stepped on to the large-sized platform – it was not easy with an arm in a sling.

He inserted the coin and stood still. Wheels whirred, lights flashed, matter weighed, time traveled and finally a small white card gently and noiselessly slipped out of a slot, pronouncing the final assessment taking all facts and some into account.

As the wife joined him, he proudly flashed the card: “I’m better appreciated in certain quarters. Look at this,” he said reading out the card to his wife, “It says I’m energetic, bright and resourceful. And a break is sure to come my way soon.”

“Yeah”, his wife nodded, “I see it has your weight wrong, too…and, for the break – you had yours last week.”


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More For Less

Cauliflower, 30 rupees a piece

 in the size of an incandescent bulb.

For 28, a kilo of tomatoes, please,  

in anemic red and some oozing pulp.

A perfectly withered and lean bunch

of humble spinach, at 10 each.


As I came out light with the bag

and much lighter in the wallet,

spotted him and his wares set on a rag.

No overheads, vending on the street,

lowest prices – no surprise there, this jig.  

For just two bucks what did I get?

None of those measly kilos, here.

An ample seventy two kilos, hear?


Falling off your chair?

‘Lucky you!’ did you say?

‘How did I cart all of it back?’ you wonder?

Well, I just walked back all the way,

carrying the bag, dragging those kilos, in despair.

For sure it ruined my day.

It was the street vendor




rather, his blighted weigh-scale.


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