Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall, Who’s The Cruelest Of Them All?

Source: gopalswamy

See here: Time Will Tell


‘Yes Sir, Yes Sir, Three Bags Full Sir’

vide: Usha Narayanan

“I sent them to get three bags of cement a while back. But they aren’t back. Have you seen them?”


Hilarious? Slapstick? For 6-year old’s? Imbecile? What Is This Clip About?

Watch this short clip first and then I’ll let Gul Advani reveal:


When you think you can predict every move, the stock market finds a new way to surprise (or sock) you!!

Now, makes sense? Abs ingenuous!

So right you’re, Gul, don’t we know!







If These Don’t Crack You Up…

The evergreen classics:




Work Smarter, Not Harder

Watch this short clip here, don’t miss.

Vide Gopalswamy


Unalloyed Joy…

Never did this:-( Do they still do this?


Well, if kids will be kids, monkeys will be monkeys!





We Do It Differently Back Home!

Source: Onkar Shinde

It is done from the comfort of air-conditioned rooms. No guns, no blood and gore. We’re peace-loving chaps.

Obviously he is not informed about Mallaya et al.