Wake Up, America, You’re No Longer…

…in the lead.

The world order has changed!

You had you run of glorious days of Bush’isms and gaffe-de-Quayle (that’s a Urdu construct).

Now the stage is ours!

Tall claims?

Suffice to take one look at this small selection of truisms pronounced by an Indian PM-aspirant in recent times and you’ll cower in abject submission:

“Politics is everywhere. It’s in your shirt, it’s in your pants. It’s everywhere.”

“Poverty is a state of mind.”

“See, there is a tendency to look at India as a country.”

“A Dalit needs Jupiter’s escape velocity to achieve success.”

” If India is a computer, then Congress is its default program

“This morning, I woke up at night.”

“Congress party is the world’s biggest political establishment. It has no rules and regulations.”

“If you want to know who has given milk to Gujarat, look at these women.”

“Gujarat is bigger than the United Kingdom. In fact, India is bigger than Europe and The US put together”

“All the cities of Bangalore…”

Not my problem, if he gives himself away – you’re not getting names from me.

To be fair, I’ve no means to verify the authenticity of the attribution above. But then if he hasn’t said it, he has amply shown his capacity for saying it – it’s the same thing, right?’

Are you still around, America?


Source: Abilash Parthasarathy. No images, please.

Got It?


Stop Blaming USA for Everything!

Stop Blaming USA for Everything!


Blue-Ribbon-shorter-post. rmabry.blogspot comIt’s a blue-ribbon self-deprecatory humor, I suspect.

Think about it before you get offended!

Pls see the comment for my take on it.





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