We’ve Friends


Santa: My friend, where do you plan to go for this vacation?

Banta: Well, nothing out of the way, yaar. Last year it was Europe we had planned to spend our holidays and we didn’t. This year it’ll be US that we won’t go to.






Those Were The Days…

Left out




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You Guessed It Right…

Santa is just back from a course on ‘Think Different’:






Sometimes It Pays To Have Clouded Vision!

Wife in Parlor.jpg

This man was patiently waiting at the reception of a Beauty Parlor, his eyes averting the beautiful ladies swishing by.

There was this dame who slowly walked up to him and squeezed his shoulders and said seductively:

‘Come on, let’s go and have some fun.’

The man broke into copious sweat and managed to tell her:

‘I’m a married man, lady. Am here with my wife. Please go away.’

The man almost had a nervous breakdown when she pecked him on his cheeks and cooed into his ears:

‘Stupid, wipe your glasses, it’s me.’





Source: santabanta.com


Santa Goes To A Dentist

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Santa  went to a dentist for tooth extraction and first inquired about cost.

Dentist said it’s Rs 1,200 per extraction. Santa thought it was too much and asked about cheaper methods.

The dentist understood Santa’s concern: ‘Yes, it can be done without anesthesia and will cost only Rs. 300, but I must warn you it would be very very painful.’

Santa was ready:’Okay, Doctor, I can take it, do it without anesthesia.’

The dentist removed the tooth without anesthesia and during the entire procedure the Santa sat quietly,completely unruffled, even smiling a little.

The dentist was not only surprised but was quite impressed and said: ‘I have never seen such a brave patient like you. I don’t even want my fees, here, instead take this Rs. 500 as a reward, you’ve taught me such a powerful lesson today about mastering one’s pain and feelings thru mind control!!!’

In the evening he met his fellow dentists and told everyone about his amazing patient. Out of all doctors, one jumped up: ‘Did he wear garish yellow t-shirt?’

‘Yes, he did, it kind of strikes you right away,’ the dentist confirmed.

‘That rascal came to me… I gave him anesthesia and asked him to wait outside for half an hour. When I called him in again he was gone…just like that.’



Source: santabanta.com and indiatvnews.com


Santa Is Brave


Santa was summoned to court to appear as a witness in a lawsuit.


The prosecutor opened his questioning with, “Where were you the night of August 24th?”

“Objection!” said the defense attorney. “Irrelevant!”

“Oh, that’s okay,” said Santa from the witness stand. “I don’t mind answering the question.”

“I object!” the defense said again.

“No, really,” said Santa. “I’ll answer.”

The judge ruled: “If the witness insists on answering, there is no reason for the defense to object.”

So the prosecutor repeated the question: “Where were you the night of August 24th?”

Santa replied brightly, “I don’t know!”




Source: Ray Mitchell at raykiwsp.wordpress.com and image from santabanta.com


A 100-Word Story


This delightful piece is ‘penned’ by Laurence Simon at oneadayuntilthedayidie.com, a prolific source of many an enjoyable drabble:

Dear Santa,
A lot of my friends are sad, worried, and afraid.
And I can’t do anything about them.
But tell them I’m sorry, which doesn’t really help.
Maybe instead of going around the world
And leaving presents for all the good boys and girls
You could go around and collect up all the sadness
And worry. And stress. And fear.
Collect them all up in your bag
And then fly out over the deepest ocean
Or the South Pole
And dump them over the side of the sleigh.
Oh, and pick up newspapers and soda cans
For recycling, too.