Beautiful Japan

Found these ‘urban’ pictures  of Japan as beautiful – what, ‘urban’ and beauty? yes, it is – as those of cherry blossoms (see the source below):


Late Night SceneNeonfantaji (Neon Fantasy)After the Rain20 YearsFuturismYoasobiMidnight NoirNight StrollStore Front





Source: Sent by Deepak Punjabi along with a video from Gabriel Traveler on     funonthenet.





Gather The Pieces


Shanks K Iyer


Source: FB (Shanks K Iyer)

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What Are The Most Unforgettable Words Someone Said To You?

A 97-year-old Japanese woman visits a nearby Buddhist temple every evening to pray, and ring the bell until the sun sets. On one of my own routine visits, I sat inconspicuously near the stairs listening to the vibrations take over the silent winter evening. Only this day I failed to get up before she finished, and soon found myself at the end of her walking stick.

“Would you like some tea?” I was asked, while she strutted down the stairs without waiting for an answer.

Soon, I was being served matcha (Japanese powdered green tea) in her living room, as we talked away for half an hour or so before she looked at me and said:

“I have seen my children and grandchildren pass away before I could, but what makes me sad is how I remember less about them with each passing year.”






Source: quora (Likhith-Manjunath living in Japan for over 3 years)