Hilarious? Slapstick? For 6-year old’s? Imbecile? What Is This Clip About?

Watch this short clip first and then I’ll let Gul Advani reveal:


When you think you can predict every move, the stock market finds a new way to surprise (or sock) you!!

Now, makes sense? Abs ingenuous!

So right you’re, Gul, don’t we know!







Romance On Rails – Dudhsagar Falls, India

This was featured earlier here in a single frame of a train passing thru against the backdrop of the falls. Thanks to Gul Advani, now a short video clip is available on the same. Enjoy the breath-taking scenario here:





Many Ways To Carry A Pot

Every woman carries her responsibility differently..... don't compare.


Women have their ways of bearing their ‘bhoj’ (responsibilities).





Source: Thanks to Gul Advani in fb.



Graduates From Rajnikant University!






Source: Thanks to Gul Advani


I warn you…

See what it did to the cat:

(0.32 min)


So, if you’re weak of heart, stay away from this clip. And don’t let it fall into wrong hands – you may be held for willfully abetting a crime

(3.13 mins)


I warned you…





PS  His cat watching horror film ‘Psycho’ was shot by Andrew Parrish.

Source: Via Usha Narayanan and Gul Advani in Facebook.


On Punjab National Bank Episode (Even More)

PNB episode seems to bring out the creative juice in many!!!

If you notice there’s very little repetition in the humor it engenders.

So, here’re some more:

After the final count, PNB may have to remodel their branches!

PNB 3 branches have begun moving to new accommodations... Gautham Iyengar

Dressed to rob?

PNB 5 IMG-20180220-WA0002


The secret of success…

PNB 1 128378676_10155961662565560_271173772949648209_n

Good for a chuckle though not fair to Modi!

PNB 2 28378611_10160146114235370_4967616187728379840_n (1)