Ignore This Health Warning At Your Peril!!

I do not, though my pater didn’t put me wise to it:-)

From: Robert D Silva:-)


A Rare Trait!


vide: Elango Velur Thiruturaipoondi  ‎சிரிக்க, சிந்திக்க”




Amidst the many around us that understand us wrong when we speak right,

Google is one that understands right even when we speak wrong!!



You Too Missed The Product Announcement?

At least I did.

My friend tells me this is the new Google Mop assuming the form of an adorable house-pet.

‘Brilliant,’ I concurred.

See here – this is not a fast one to pull, I mean, to load; but it’s worth the wait, I assure you.

Mop Google


On second and third thoughts might it be…?



Source; collegehumor.com