A Last Post From Me…

for some time to come as I push away to make my millions!!!

How, you may ask.

Well, on second thoughts…I feel generous giving it away – here it is, a fail-proof product idea and good bye, my millions!:


These are yet-to-be patented anti-cheat hats for schools and colleges. Wearing one, you cannot see anything but your own answer-sheets in front of you! Only your imagination limits the kind of accessories to go with it.

My country would conservatively need an year’s three-shift production!


Source: Neeraj Kumar


Never Trust Godmen!

One never knows which side they’re on:

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Musings Of An Idle Philosopher

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1. Why nothing happens to me only? (Why not me?)

2. Why do they happen like this to me only? (Why me?)




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Musings Of An Idle Philosopher

Strange indeed are the ways of the world!


Ennobling thoughts are archived  away (to a pen-drive), while

enfeebling ones are retained by one’s mind

(for ready access and constant regurgitation).




Source: Pinterest Original in Hindi is not translated word-by-word.



It’s His Wish!

The picture showed the Multi-zillionaire tycoon Ambani worshipping Laalbaug-cha-Raja, the mammoth Ganesha hosted this year at Laalbaug, with his family.

The speculation rife on the social network was: while the family was offering prayers what could Ambani possibly asking of the God.  



Look For This Tell-Tale Sign

Fat Dog.jpg






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Regardless, You Cannot Be The Best


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