Colorful Royapettah

Ain’t we cute though smallish?


Vetchi in glorious pink (common name: scarlet ixora, scientific/latin name: ixora coccinea)


Aptly called Flaming Blossom!


Erukku (common name: the crown flower, scientific/latin name: Calotropis gigantea). Among other uses, their latex is applied to poison arrow tips!


Perungali (common name: Champa White, Chameli, Frangipani, scientific/latin name: Oleander family). On Marina Beach in the evening – would you believe they stood under the sun all day long without wilting a wee bit?


Walking past without pausing to say ‘Hi’? No chance!

Popping up on small shrubs, from Oleander family?


From Calathea family? The broad leaves make them suitable for low-light environs like indoors.


Like White Angels Trumpets, the flowers hang down from trees in bunches. But far from being ‘trumpets’ they have well-formed petals at the end of a long thin stem. Weak fragrance.


And who are we?


Archimedes, Take This: You Don’t Always Need A Lever To Move Things Around!

It is part of the routine morning walk – collecting flowers on the way, from plants jutting out over the peripheral fences/walls of apartment complexes lining the streets. No trespassing committed. And no one minds it’s only a few flowers.

The flowers are for offering at the temple and also for pooja at home, supplementing more fragrant ones like roses, jasmine, tulsi, sampangi, etc. bought from vendors.

Pinwheel flowers (Rajanigandha/Nishagandha) are the ones most commonly found at these places.  In season, they follow a cycle of about 3 days of blossoming in profusion followed by another 3 days of the next succession of buds to mature. Surprisingly the cycle seems to occur fairly synchronously across plants growing in different apartment complexes!

This was the first day of the blossoming cycle with just a few flowers peeking out here and there on the bushes. Even those ones and twos could not be missed out on the days when the collection ran thin.   

A heavy hand reached out to the thin stem of a solitary pinwheel flower appearing on one side of this bush. What followed…well, plucking was not to be!

The hand withdrew like it touched hot coals.

It wasn’t any muscle or machine power that caused the hand to go empty, moving back to where it belonged. Nor any ready-to-strike insect lurking around.

It was a mere butterfly…that flew in and settled on the lone flower, folding and unfolding its wings, uncoiling and sinking in its proboscis quite unmindful of the hand and its human.

What option then did the poor hand have but to get out of the way?

Since then the collection process stood modified to leave as much behind on the bush as was being taken.



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The Chat Continues…More Friends In Chembur

‘Modesty aside for a moment, aren’t we so pretty?

And yet, would you believe, they have just one of us here:-(

‘We know we got you hooked…But do look around, there’re more of us back there, you’ll like them too.’

One glance, you’ll know we’re not Parijat, Bonsai Lotus or Jasmine!

‘Small, but no less beautiful! That purple at the center breaking up the white is our beauty spot. You agree?’

Would you believe if we tell you we’re actually a Periwinkle? Of course, the leaves give it away if you noticed. See down there the purple duo, our kin?’

‘Don’t we know you can never get enough of us, Gulmohars!’

‘Figure out we’re green turning yellow or yellow into green?’

‘Or red into green or green to red?

Very small, may be (less than a cm across), but sticking together in a bunch we’ll stop you in your tracks! Admit our striking yellow amidst the green is something.

The chat to be continued!

Chatting With Friends In Chembur

A mere palm leaf, you say? I can shut out the big guy in the sky for you!’

‘You’ve seen the Thai dancers. Have you seen our show?’

‘A sure way to stay fit – touch your toes like we do…’

…Regardless of your station in life, however high.’

‘Flaunt it if you’ve got it, they say. And why not? We’re whiter than white!’

‘And to think we’re in the cleaning job – we mean the air you inhale.’

Tabebuia rosea – don’t fault us for our name is not our doing. When in bloom we are all flowers and no leaves!’

Call us immoderate, intemperate….we, the bougainvilleas, just don’t seem to hold ourselves back when in season.’

But then we do bring some color with us. Like, how!’

‘When we, the gulmohars, go flaming red, there’s no room for grays. That goes for your days and moods too. ‘

‘You’re late for your tryst with us, my friend. In early and mid summer we are at our flamboyant best in red and orange all over. The season is nearing its end – there’s still some zest left in us.’

The conversation goes on.

I’m Never Alone In My Walks

This time it’s at my Sister-In-Law’s place in Marthahalli, Bengaluru:

“Tell us are we one or many?”

“Trust us, hanging together is so much more fun! And, yes, we’re unwashed byTide or Surf!

“Shhhh…it’s nap time”

“Doesn’t a dash of purple make a pretty picture?”

“Poser for you: tell us if we’re right side up”

“Perhaps not in 50 shades, but we aren’t far behind”

“Don’t let them tell you soft pink doesn’t go with red…and when sunset gold too jumps in…”

Yes, it does get a bit crowded up here, but we’ll manage…”

“We may be green behind the ears for now, but not for long”

“Stop, see the green turning into red?”

“Be it may we aren’t tall as a palm, all the same we’re doing fine”

“Another poser for you: What are we if we aren’t some exotic bird or a Halloween cat?”

“Show us a wall and we’ll…BTW Mr. Spideman cut his teeth here not to speak of the few he broke!”

“Yes, we’re different – we love our mother Earth more than the big Fireball up there”


I’m Never Alone…

…in my morning walks. Keeping company are ‘people’ that talk, show off…Mine is but to watch and listen.

For starters,

Three maidens growing bold and pushing themselves up catch my sight!

One of them lets me get pretty close. Intentions – of course, honorable. Ain’t she pretty?
“Siblings, alright…but we’re, as you see, different”

“So we are…”
“If we’re white, rest assured it’s not for fear”
“Ask me how to build your shoulders”
“Confetti? Oh…just back from a wedding.”
:Believe me, it’s not rouge”

“Seek, ye shall find, they said”
“We may fall from heights, but not from beauty and grace”

“We’re up and ready for the day, why aren’t you?”

Interesting company, eh?


Source: All pics are from the front-yard of the house we’re in for now and where I take my walks, except the last one.

Words Worth A Thousand Pictures





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From Austin


Ours is the state of Lone Star!


Good Morning! What’s happening out there?


We always come out with our kith and kin!


Spanning Heaven and Earth!

At the edge of the world.jpg

At the edge of the world?

Green Pallbearers

A matter of life and death.





You Know Why Beauty Is Ephemeral?

Four weeks ago, a conversation with my daughter soon after her return to Dallas.

‘Appa’ give me some time. I’ll send across all the snaps you took in Lonavala.’
‘Take your time, dear. Am in no hurry…’

Three weeks ago:

‘Appa, I have sent you four mails each with four attachments. It is just like the way I’ve been sending you snaps of the kids. Click on the attachment and save it to your computer. Simple, just the way you have been doing all along.’

‘I thought there were some forty snaps I had taken with your iPad.’

‘Don’t worry, you get the first lot first. If there are no problems, I’ll send the rest the same way…’

Two weeks ago:

‘Appa, were you able to download the photos?’

‘Yes, dear, I got all of them all right. The shots look good…I meant to me at least. You could have deleted those few all-black shots taken indoors. How did you find them – the photos?’

‘Didn’t know you are such an ace with the camera. The flowers have come out so well. Lovely, especially those in white, yellow, red. Going to share them with my friends. You should do this more often. Who knows you might even win a prize in one of those contests.’

2014-06-25 07.00.20

‘Aren’t you laying it a little thick? Humoring your dad, is it?’

‘No, Appa, I’m serious…’


‘Appa, have you got all the snaps now in your computer?’

‘I’ve, dear though downloading them all took a while. Even showed them to your Mom. The pictures are very crisp.’

‘They’re high resolution pictures, Appa. The files are large, that’s why’

‘Though the colors are not as brilliant as I got them on the iPad. Must have taken you a lot of time doing all this.’

‘Not a bother…want to check with you – can I now remove them from the iPad?…’

No doubt she was serious.