Happy Father’s Day…

…and a husband’s on a holiday at a beach!

Happy Father's Day




The Morning Coffee Didn’t Work

Good haven’t-heard-that-one-before riddles are hard to come by these days. Well, here’s one that’s cute, I thought.

After running into those ‘A man has 13 water-melons – now why in the heavens would he if he wasn’t a shopkeeper or a farmer – in his sack’ (arithmetic, you remember?), tell your incredulous self to go for this one, not minding the strange and misspelt names:

In a family,

Family 1

The question is, you guessed it right:

Family 2

Insufficient data? I too thought so.

A 60-seconds time-out starts now…………………………………………


For those of you of my kind, the gentleman is named in the ‘Comments’!




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Kidspeak: Don’t Push It Hard, Ye Fathers

openclipart father son jnanozero87

Father: Which one do you love more, me or Mommy?
Son: I love you both.
Father: Very Well, let’s say I went to France and Mommy went to Japan which country will you go to?
Son: Japan.
Father: See, you love Mommy more than me?
Son: No, I just want to visit Japan.
Father: Let’s say I went to Japan and Mommy went to France which country will you go to?
Son: France.
Father: See?
Son: No, its just because I have already visited Japan.





Source: jokes-best.com and image from openclipart.org (jnanozero87)

A Father Worries…

saadman aungkarns

“Must you really go, Son?
Stepping out so late, I would shun.
It’s going to get dark very soon,
these are days of monsoon.

Out on the porch I stand,
nerves taut as a rubber-band,
even if the hour is eight,
until I see you come in thru the gate.”

“Oh, Dad, don’t you lose your peace,
I’m a month over seventeen, please.
I can take care of myself from the baddies,
from chasing shadows and roving monsters.

Mom is due anytime now
with her shopping bags in tow.
Quit worrying and get back in there,
to your TV show and a mug of beer.”

“There, you said it, my Son.
You’re old enough to be out on your own.
smart not to walk alone in a dark lane,
or be busted with a wrong jane.

If the truth be told, my Son,
It isn’t you I’m worried on.
It’s us, your mom and I while you’re gone.
How could youleaving me alone?”

Credit: openclipart.com (aungkarns)

That’s How it Goes

They were new to the neighborhood.

After a late night, the family on this day had overslept and their six-year-old daughter missed her school bus.


The father, though late for work himself, had to drive her. Since he did not know the way, he said that she would have to direct him to the school. And she assured him she would.

They rode several blocks before she told him to turn the first time, several more before she indicated another turn. This went on for 20 minutes and they finally reached the school.

That’s when the father realized that the school was only a short distance from their home.

Much annoyed, he asked his daughter why she’d led him around in such a huge circle.

young-girl oc bisida

The child explained, ‘But, Dad, we reached without a single wrong turn. Didn’t we? And, that’s the way the school bus goes.’

End .
Credits: academictips.org, openclipart (schoolfreeware, Bisidi)