A Never-Before Amazing Feat In Cricket…

vide: Usha Narayanan

The protagonist claims he would hit two sixes in one ball!

What, in one ball???

Yes, two sixes in one ball bowled at him.

A challenge to test all of Rajinikant’s mettle, his die-hard fans helplessly, tearfully and abashedly concede.

And, man……he pulls it off!!

Like how?

Well, it’s all here – though, strictly speaking, not in one b…..saying anything more would be a give-away:

(subtitles not necessary)

Move over, Tollywood, it’s now the Gujju’s taking the pride of place!

If the clip does not appear above, watch it here.

Perfectly ingenious, I thought…at least I didn’t see it coming!



Two Moods



Life In Mumbai

Source: Usha Narayanan

Don’t I know it! Could well have been me.

(9.50 mins) in Marathi with subtitles in English

Sums it up quite well, doesn’t it?

By the way, you noticed, it wasn’t just him?


If You Look Closely…

she’s me masquerading!


Move Over, Sashi (Tharoor)!

You lost it – this guy is ahead by several lengths!


‘Yes Sir, Yes Sir, Three Bags Full Sir’

vide: Usha Narayanan

“I sent them to get three bags of cement a while back. But they aren’t back. Have you seen them?”


Hilarious? Slapstick? For 6-year old’s? Imbecile? What Is This Clip About?

Watch this short clip first and then I’ll let Gul Advani reveal:


When you think you can predict every move, the stock market finds a new way to surprise (or sock) you!!

Now, makes sense? Abs ingenuous!

So right you’re, Gul, don’t we know!