Raining Beauty








Source: Carmen Dragone’ carmendragone2@gmail.com [funonthenet] 

Van Gogh’s Come Alive!


Source: “Van Gogh”_3D animation by Luca Agnani Studio vide Arts&Emotions and  Ananth Mk.

There are many more on YouTube from the same source.



Animation In Stone!

The Masculine Epic

This is an image of a ‘spy’ captured and tortured by Ramses 2 (1303 – 1213 BC; reigned 1279 – 1213 BC), to reveal the enemy plans in the imminent Battle of Kadesh.

The victim looked like Ravana with multiple limbs. I was curious to know if there were some links to or similarities with Ramayana.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. Our guide, a Phd in archaeology, clarified: It was the artist’s way of showing the victim shaking with fear at the hands of the mighty Ramses 2!

According to many accounts, Ramses 2 did not exactly cover himself with glory in this battle with Hittites, contrary to the story of valor and success he tells about himself on the walls of the Abu Simbel temple!

And this, despite the fact in those days there were no elections for him to win!

It’s the surmise of the historians he did it to prop up the morale of his people.

Here’s one more:

battle-of-kadesh Abagond - WordPress com

The artist conveys the speed of the racing horse through time-lapsed snaps of its legs!!

A similar technique is employed elsewhere for an entirely different purpose:

IMG_5910 Temple Of Horus

This panel in the Temple of Horus shows porters bearing a boat, a frequently used motif/metaphor in the land of Nile.

How many of them at the back? Would you say 3, in a file?

Rows Temple of Horus

Look closely at the folds dropping down in the front of this man’s robe – this has nothing to do with the speed of the marcher. No animation here.

It’s actually the individual robes of 4 of 5 porters marching in a row, only the one closest to us is visible! In all there are 12 to 15 porters out there at the back.

Fooled? So we were!




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