A Sisterly Encounter

It was a practice for V and M to be driven by car to their school in the morning and let them walk back home in the evening.

One day the ‘inequity’ of it all suddenly strikes M while returning home.

‘V, this is not fair. I’m carrying this every evening. I think we should both do it on alternate days.’

She is referring to the double-decker lunch-carrier in her hand.  The carrier has one ‘box’ each for them, usually filled with curd-rice to be had during midday lunch break.     

V thinks M has a point. She offers a deal: she would carry it in the morning and M would in the evening.

After giving a few days for the new arrangement perhaps in deference to her elder, M brings it up again: ‘But, V, in the morning, it’s in the car, you know…’

V sees the merit in what M is saying.

On the following morning, when they are settled, V picks up the carrier from the seat and places it on her lap and turns to M: ‘See, I’m carrying it.’!!!

Did M hit the ceiling, jump out of the car or simply cry in exasperation?

Well, some fifty years later, today M has no recollection of what she did. She recalls this much: soon afterwards, the matter resolved itself peacefully – they had to go for individual boxes as their breaks for different grades were no longer in sync.

What is amazing in this story is, perhaps no surprise for psychologists: how these childhood incidents reveal clues into their latter-day personalities. M maturing into a homely wife/mother/daughter-in-law, a sensible and calming influence to all who know her, bringing up her children as well as could be. And, the first responder for her spouse, as he copes up with age and health! Likewise V blossoming into a multi-talented person of quick wit, an organizer, an entrepreneur and a tireless problem-solver! (More on her here).

Today, after all the hair pulling, snitching on each other, swiping dresses and chocolates…way behind them, life has taken the sisters – in fact three of them – on different courses in their education, marriage, location, families… all housewives, so alike as chalk and cheese, all the same fond of each other as ever, talking often…few secrets between them – making people like me, only son of my parents, jealous!

I should know, for M grew with me coming in when she was some eighteen or nineteen.

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Source: Image from newvitruvian.com

Mind Is A Many Splendored Thing

The comments that follow a post is a great window of opportunity available, if you have the inclination, to observe that wondrous thing called the human mind.

Look at this picture and the small selection of the comments it elicited. And, be ready to be amazed at the myriad ways the mind responds to the same single stimulus.  

Here’s the photo:

And here’re the eleven minds at it:

BS: Don’t venture out on the jetty….!!!! It steals your youth…..😲😲😲😲

SM: The days are long, but the years are so short.

KM: Where is the divorced guy with 2 kids on the pier?

RW: Not mine!! You need to add 10 ft. waves, loose boards, holes in the walkway, railings ready to fall if you touch them… THEN it would be close!! lol

GT: 🙂

LP: What, didn’t want kids? 🙂

KNL: That’s love

NL: So true!

TBT: The best part of life is not there – being a kid 👍

BC: That’s how quick your goes 😏

TB: Before and After


Source: facebook.com/icreativeideas