Melody Is King!

I was never much of a fan of the jumping-jack Govinda in his hay days.
Today vide a FB post from dear Bhupendra Shah drew me to a Govinda’s dance number played by Sanjeev Shrivastva, fondly called Uncle Dabbu. An Indian professor and casual dancer in Bhabha University, Bhopal. A dance video of this song shot during the ladies’ ‘sangeet’ ceremony from a marriage of his brother-in-law he was attending in Gwalior went viral, the first of many to follow.
If he does it…may be I too should try my hand…rather feet!
The song itself is a melodious number Aap Ke Aa Jane Se acted out with enviable vigor by Govinda pairing with Neelam Kothari in the film Khudkarz. Sung by Mohammed Aziz and Sadhana Sargam. Music by Rajesh Roshan and Lyrics from Indivar.
Watch Dabbuji setting the whole set on its feet in this clip:
Video here if does not appear above.
0 to 2:42 is his main performance watched by Govinda himself, See how he plays Neelam’s part at 0.57!
Next Govinda joins his ardent fan on stage for a little longish interlude pushing him to tears. You may want to skip if it doesn’t interest you.
At 6.07 Govinda is moved to take the floor with Dabbuji recapturing his old youthful zest (!) and producing some delightful Icould’ntbutlike steps, until 7.15, to be joined towards the end by beautiful Madhuri Dixit who just floats in and sways like a pari.
Now for the original song in the film:
Video here if does not appear above.
If the melody and the shor-gul doesn’t pep you up a wee bit….