What Would Be This World Without Them?





Location:  Thinnai (porch) of a house on the street

Scene: The owner is ‘shaking up’ his help by his collar.

As it happens, a good Samaritan passing by intervenes.

“Why are you scolding him? Look at him, poor fellow.”

After appraising the stranger for a minute, “Gave him a letter to be dropped into a post-box at the street corner.”


“He comes back with the letter in hand.”

“Why? Didn’t he find the box or was it too high for him to reach? Could be – he’s a bit short. Not his fault, you must know…”

“Nothing of that sort. He brought it back because…”


“He found the box pad-locked.”


Now, for the original in Tamizh on the unforgettable Senthil-banana meme:



Source: Ashu Yabatu Lij‎ to Best English Quotes & Sayings, santabanta.com and 100% சிரிப்பு இலவசம்