Moments In The Morning (A Vignette)

A glorious morning to make one happy to be alive.

The rose bushes swayed a little in the gentle caress of a breeze.

The butterfly deftly balanced itself over the rose: ‘OMG, the man is coming to us here with his basket.’

‘Let him,’ said the rose unruffled.

‘Let him, eh? You very well know why he is headed here.’

‘Yes, he’s going to pluck those of us in full bloom – me included.’

‘And you’re not worried? How could these humans do that? Can’t they enjoy the beauty, letting you live and look gorgeous on the stem?’

‘Listen, don’t grieve for us. In any case we have only a couple of more days to go before we begin withering away. At least…’

‘What ‘at least’?’

‘If the man takes us with him, yes, that’s end of the road for us. But we go out in glory….you know we’ll adorn his deity, god…in the crown!  What better way to…’

The conversation ceased suddenly without goodbye’s said. A teary butterfly took off swiftly, getting out of harm’s way; for, the man was already up on the bush.

With his basket almost full up, the man was set to go when he spotted it.

As his fingers closed around, the butterfly made a valiant attempt to distract him.

To no avail.

All the same, buzzed by the flying insect, he lost his balance for a moment and the rose fell back into the bush.

Could see it lodged deep inside the bush on a bed of thorns, a few petals shed in the fall.

Like the great Kuru, Bishma?

‘So be it,’ the man walked god-wards, the loss tinging him for a moment.

The butterfly never in its life returned to the bush.


16 Responses to Moments In The Morning (A Vignette)

  1. S R Kannan says:

    Beautiful piece. Did not understand the reference to Kuru Bishma

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    • tskraghu says:

      Bishma in the Mahabharata war lay on a bed of arrows felled by the duo Krishna-Arjun. He belonged to the Kuru clan. Thanks.


      • S R Kannan says:

        Just occured. What about the butterfly. Its meddling, though with good intension, resulted in the roses missing the feet of god. Bishma’s restraint gave Draupadi Krishna kadaksham

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      • tskraghu says:

        Abs right. We call them anukoola shatru’s. I remember screwing up indirectly a marriage alliance for my friends son, some 2-3 years ago, all done with good intentions. Luckily the boy is happily married now!


  2. vijayaa108 says:

    Yes, oft I have wondered! Destiny plays its role for everything and everyone, be it an ‘inanimate’ piece of stone, a measly looking insect, a gigantic animal or a human.
    What is that unseen power that made the rose fall into the bush onto the bed of thorns???
    Any answers out there ???

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    • tskraghu says:

      Tough call! Inscrutable like much else in life. Though our scriptures have a lot to say on the subject. Thanks.


      • S R Kannan says:

        What do Scriptures say wrt a punyatma like Bishma had to go through bed of arrows. Not taking action during Draupati episode? Not putting fighting evil and helping the weak over other umpteen excuses given by him, Dronacharya and others for non action.
        But the roses? They were useful alive providing nector and pleasure to all and sought gods feet at death????
        Are you pointing out we have less reason to complain about our travails

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      • tskraghu says:

        Bishma was the last of the ashta vasu to have obtained redemption at the end of a long and illustrious life. At some place he gives as one single reason for his inaction: his breaking bread with Duryodhana. It is believed a cook (provider of food) somehow infuses the state of his mind into the food he prepares (offers). Of course it is also that he had earlier given a solemn vow that at no time, however dark, he would forsake his clan.

        The rose’s thoughts are easily recognized as the purushartha prescribed by the bhakti school of thought. For this one rose, it proved sadly elusive at the end of its ‘virtuous’ life. In yathartham, one of those inscrutables in life without reference to the explanations offered by the same source. As you say in a manner, frailty of life. Thanks, Kannan.


  3. Chitra says:

    Read it bit could not help but 🤔 ponder
    Good one. Had a hard time understanding the analogy so thanks to all the follow up comments
    Interesting!!! And interpretations
    Enjoyed it !

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    started with a rose, ends up with revelation of deep meaning from Mahabharata. Pleasant surprise to know that Raghu is a master in these matters too.
    BTW, I liked this new phrase ‘anukoola shatru’

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  5. Vidya says:

    If a simple daily occurrence has such relevance, it is this ; I had to
    Read twice to understand ; author cleverly connects it with Mahabharata an epic with
    Inner and intricate meanings .

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