Chatting With Friends In Chembur

A mere palm leaf, you say? I can shut out the big guy in the sky for you!’

‘You’ve seen the Thai dancers. Have you seen our show?’

‘A sure way to stay fit – touch your toes like we do…’

…Regardless of your station in life, however high.’

‘Flaunt it if you’ve got it, they say. And why not? We’re whiter than white!’

‘And to think we’re in the cleaning job – we mean the air you inhale.’

Tabebuia rosea – don’t fault us for our name is not our doing. When in bloom we are all flowers and no leaves!’

Call us immoderate, intemperate….we, the bougainvilleas, just don’t seem to hold ourselves back when in season.’

But then we do bring some color with us. Like, how!’

‘When we, the gulmohars, go flaming red, there’s no room for grays. That goes for your days and moods too. ‘

‘You’re late for your tryst with us, my friend. In early and mid summer we are at our flamboyant best in red and orange all over. The season is nearing its end – there’s still some zest left in us.’

The conversation goes on.

15 Responses to Chatting With Friends In Chembur

  1. S R Kannan says:

    In Chembur you say. Great. You can find beauty anywhere.

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    • tskraghu says:

      Yes, Kannan, all of it in and near Diamond Garden only. There are a number of other pockets elsewhere nearby. Hope I can make a few more ‘friends’ out there. Unfortunately some of them are behind iron gates that remain mostly shut.
      There’s a friend badri: living near Diamond Garden. He gets an unbelievable variety of birds to pose for him in front of the windows of his flat!! Thanks.


  2. vijayaa108 says:

    Beautiful colours!
    Lovely chatting with real friends!
    Lived in Chembur four decades ago…..on 13th Road…. A – 497.
    Did you too?


    • tskraghu says:

      We still stay here two streets away from 13th. It is still beautiful, though the ‘towers’ are changing the landscape:-( The period u lived here must be the best! Thanks.


  3. Jupiter Knowledge says:

    Very enjoyable

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  4. Nithya says:

    Lovely “friends”

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  5. Vidya says:

    Beautiful KR ! You throw challenge to all the cinematographers !

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    • tskraghu says:

      no pretensions! an amateur with an old iphone camera in hand with no zoom, etc. and there was this security guy all the time behind me with suspicion!


  6. S R Kannan says:

    Forgot to complement you on the commentry. Made me read and see again.

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  7. Chitra says:

    Nature putting on its show.
    How we discover beauty in our backyards especially when we are away for sometime 😃
    Loved the commentary – !!!!! So apt
    With your words you have enhanced the beauty!!!
    My teacher used to tell me
    God reveals himself / herself in the full bloom of nature- we are awakened when we are aware of this.
    This is vishwaroopam”

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