Forgettable Music??

Amidst most of my age professing love for old film music and shunning the new as trashy, why do I like these, ‘hot from the kitchen’?

Must confess as a Tamiilian I could barely make out a word here and word there in the lyrics of these Tamil songs, especially the first one!

But listening to them, I bet these (music) guys would give anyone in the industry a run for the money. Good to see fresh talent cropping up.


Watch Prabhudeva here in the film ‘Gulebakavali’ belt out a high-energy high-decibel melody (melody? is that possible at all?) set to music by Vivek–Mervin; actually sung by Anirudh Ravichander and Mervin Solomon and choreographed in Telugu/Tamizh colors:


This is Ditya (an award-winning child artiste) in a romp – the film is ‘Lakshmi’, music by Sam C.S.; here’s a theatrical version released (whatever that means), song in the voice of Uthra Unnikrishnan:


These may not make ‘Unforgettable Music’ for the biggest reason lyrics don’t come easily hum’able. Forgettable? No way – I’d certainly like to play them again when in mood.


Note: Wouldn’t know if there’s any plagiarism here.

11 Responses to Forgettable Music??

  1. my playlist bluntly refuses to move away from seventies or earlier! 😦

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  2. Vidya says:

    Same here. I prefer songs of yesteryear where lyrics were audible and made some sense. These raps can be heard for their fast beats by the younger generation which believes in speed!But I feel music shouldn’t be haste

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  3. Chitra says:

    Certainly appreciation is in the ears of the listener😊
    But these videos are accompanied by the visuals which can be appealing
    The music by itself 👎🏼 In my opinion
    Is it something you can hum or sing along with- a test of good music
    Thanks for sharing – talented dancers!

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  4. Nithya says:

    Anand like the first song

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  5. Adithya Kasthuri says:


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