So You Think…mmm?

Albert Einstein & a Journey to Singularity The Elvi 4






Source FB (Albert Einstein & a Journey to Singularity), The Elvi 4

3 Responses to So You Think…mmm?

  1. theotheri says:

    I knew I didn’t understand Einstein! Now at least I have an inkling about what it is that I don’t understand. How do they decide whether something is a fundamental force or not? Is gravity relative the way time and space are? Arrgh!!!

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  2. tskraghu says:

    You’re not alone:-))) Whenever I visit these museums – not of my volition – it isn’t very uplifting to know how much I don’t know!!! And I’m talking about classical, not quantum.

    To the little extent I know, these forces are absolute and canonical – they’re not explained in terms of other forces.

    Thank you.


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