Job Satisfaction!

It was a Monday morning.

Ravi entered his manager’s cabin with a paper in his hand.

Wishing to be left alone, the Manager looked up, offering little encouragement for a commencing conversation.

Ravi announced softly: ‘Sir, I am resigning,’ placing the paper unfolded on the table.

He could have said ‘there was no cream for the coffee-maker’ or even ‘the office printer had run out of ink’.

Manager: ‘What is it?’

Ravi repeated himself, raising his voice a wee bit: ‘Sir, I’m leaving.’

Words going home this time, Manager yelped like a puppy hurt in an encounter with an unyielding object: ‘What happened?’

Ravi stood his ground: ‘Nothing sudden, Sir, have been thinking for a while. Got a job in Bajaj Allianz!’

Manager let out a long breath: ‘I know you have talked to me sometime ago about a rise. I had meant to do something about it. Is that the issue? If it is, we can fix it – of course, within reasonable limits.’

Ravi disabused him of his reading of the situation: ‘No, Sir. Believe me, that’s not it – their offer is 25,000/-, no subsidized lunch…’

Manager: ‘Then, why in the world, would you even…you are taking home 35000/- here without counting the perks.’

Ravi: ‘Money is not everything, Sir!!! You agree?’

Manager, facing a question he had not resolved entirely to his satisfaction in his life: ‘Well…?’

Ravi: ‘It’s all about job satisfaction, Sir.’

Manager had not heard it in a long time: ‘Eh?’


Well, the exchange didn’t end well…for the manager.

The poor man till date had not figured out why he lost Ravi – he put it down to the ‘sar-phira’ (inscrutably crazy) ways of youngsters of today.

Well, he wronged Ravi in his judgement. Ravi was a fine young man, sound of mind, perfectly rational in his choices. Little did the manager know Ravi had visited his friend at Bajaj Allianz on Saturday last when the latter was conducting a routine weekly review meeting in his office. And, seen this:






Source: Adapted from Elango Velur Thiruturaipoondi Tiruvarur‎ in “சிரிக்க, சிந்திக்க”



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