If You Feel Down And Under…

she’ll tell you – she knows the trick!


I’ve shown conidence lots

in this grade. Evrey time I think

something is hard I try

to belive in my self and

it becomes so much


                           – Anila (8 years)

Don’t know what’s the cat doing in there!







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Many Ways To Carry A Pot

Every woman carries her responsibility differently..... don't compare.


Women have their ways of bearing their ‘bhoj’ (responsibilities).





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Graduates From Rajnikant University!






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A Road-Show Of A Different Kind

It takes all kinds of people…

CHEMBURTired after taking a Pulmonary Function Test at a clinic, he insisted on walking back home under the hot noon sun, disregarding his wife’s protestations. He wanted to check out how well he was able to take it, given his labored asthma-afflicted breathing. Cataract in both eyes slowed him down even more.

It was not a long walk.  They reached the junction of the Central Avenue and the 11th (Cross) Road perpendicularly cutting and running on both sides of the main road. Easily crossing one way of the main road they paused at the divider running along the middle, waiting for a break in the heavy traffic going other way. A steady stream of three-wheelers speeding past held them back. Just then, suddenly, a motor-cycle shot out from behind, cutting right across in the way of the three-wheelers and stopped right in the middle!  A very dangerous move, the man thought, though there was just enough room ahead for these highly maneuverable vehicles to slow down and stop.

The man and his wife were rattled but he did not have the strength to pull up the rider of the two-wheeler – unexpectedly a man in mid-thirties, in civvies, not a brash youngster – for endangering his own life and possibly, of others.

In stark contrast, the rider was unruffled, his demeanor like that of a circus acrobat who had just finished successfully executing a tricky maneuver with precise timing and judgement. And, finesse. Or, better, like a traffic cop on Indian roads who unhesitatingly walks into an oncoming traffic knowing fully well he would come to no harm (of course, he has been proved wrong on occasions).

Just when the man turned squarely to the rider to convey by sheer look his shock and displeasure, he saw the rider with one hand stretched out to halt the traffic and with the other hand politely gesturing the couple to safely cross the road now without fear.

Reaching the other side of the road hurriedly holding my wife’s hand, I looked back to him, not sure if he should be thanked or admonished.

He was gone – the traffic annoyed at the inopportune delay had resumed with gusto.



PS: Not a fiction. Image from freepressjournal.in/mumbai/

The Survival Of The Intelligent

We talked about dogs evolving rapidly and may even get ahead of homo-sapiens in the game, here.

Well, now we learn the cows aren’t far behind:

30739103_1652115924901854_5878416472681742336_n Shanti Ravichandran




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Coalition Politics In India

The curse…reminds us of poor Manmohan Singh besieged by his ‘allies’.

Trust we don’t have a replay next year.