If The Claim Is True, US Is On A Steep Slope…


…going up!!

They were so right, while I was gawking!

Reason? Look it up in the comments.



Source: Piniterest






13 Responses to If The Claim Is True, US Is On A Steep Slope…

  1. tskraghu says:

    There is no door visible to get on to the bus! So…

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  2. SRKannan says:

    US is left hand drive. What about drivers door.

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  3. theotheri says:

    I completely missed it – nothing like being out-done by 90% of America’s pre-schoolers!

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  4. American preschoolers probably have more sense than all of our government officials. As a teacher for 33 years I have found that teenagers have a very profound sense of right and wrong and also of what is fair. Those two qualities make them well capable of running a government. USA right or left ? We are moving to the extremes of each politically leaving few in the middle which is the moderate and sensible element. We no longer merely disagree but the other side’s positions are considered downright evil so that people here are polarized to the point that the “other” are the enemy. I think the left’s ideas on so many things are so outrageous that even people that would not ordinarily be in the right wing of the political spectrum are moving right intensifying national division.Now even the ideas of the right are outrageous and the beliefs of both extremes are often founded on ideas and facts(alleged) that are misconceptions. People here believe what substantiates their positions not upon actual facts.

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    • tskraghu says:

      Yes, Carl. It’s unfortunate one thinks he has to get red in the face, thump the table and be strident with words in order to be heard. Is it because existing mechanisms for meaningful and objective discussions have failed miserably. Has the overactive media hijacked this debate? Given these, could we take the general elections to represent the general wisdom, and arbitrator especially in a society with a high level of education? But then it would be seen as the tyranny of majority. Well, all I can say is your society has the best chance to resolve amicably the polarization before it gets out of hand. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

      Coming back to school children, I wonder if these children have ever been asked in any research study what would be their solution to some of the intractable problems bedevilling our societies.


  5. The bus is going left because the front of the bus has a deeper slope than the rear which is consistent with the design of American cars. Being at a greater slope at the front of a vehicle makes it more aerodynamic and fuel efficient.

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  6. tskraghu says:

    It’s an angle I never thought of. Thanks, Carl.


  7. it is going up! because the tyres are not touching the road 🙂

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