Pardon Me, Your Slip Is Showing

She finished dinner in her room and buzzed for the plates to be cleared – after the meal, she did not want any smell of food lingering in the room.

A knock at the door – she opened to find a stranger in place of the room-service she had expected.

The stranger seemed no less surprised at seeing her.

Recovering quickly, ‘I’m sorry, I thought it was my room…’

Not waiting for a response, he swiftly turned away making to the bank of elevators at the far end.

She closed the door softly and returned pensively to the lounging sofa…shortly after she got up and called the front-desk.

If it wasn’t to follow up with room-service, what was it about?



13-year-old Aditi Krishnan had me scratching my head until she gave it out. My excuse: I had not had my mid-day coffee yet. If you had yours and still…look it up in the comments.


9 Responses to Pardon Me, Your Slip Is Showing

  1. tskraghu says:

    Something was not right – if it was his room why did he knock? He would have the key with him.


  2. SRKannan says:

    Thank god it is not the story of couples who have become strangers.

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  3. theotheri says:

    Must go have my own cup of coffee and think about this one! why DID he knock? looking for a different kind of “service” and realized he didn’t want it from this woman?

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    • tskraghu says:

      My ‘criminal’ mind – I saw half a dozen Agatha Christie films in the last month – thought it was a nefarious tryst that went wrong . But what you say is probably more likely!


  4. Vidya says:

    it is very clear the woman suffers from dementia sitting in the person”s( knocking at the door)room.To add insult to injury the male also has the same problem may I conclude?


  5. tskraghu says:

    Another new angle! Aditi’s answer is in the first comment.


  6. did not get it… 🙂

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