You May Want To Hire This Kid If You Have…

…an opening in creative communications!

For her mom’s birthday, this girl designed a coupon book. Here are some coupons for the mom to redeem:

The book cover:



This includes spinach, peas…no fine print!


Clarification awaited on what the chores could be – is it good for tidying up their bed, folding their clothes…or any household kind?


If you’re thinking, HW is their home-work.  All without any chasing, screaming…dream of a deal for a mom!


Isn’t it sweet? Of course, the ingredients have to be made available.


And not in the least,


And the coupons are valid for a whole year!!

What more for a mom?





11 Responses to You May Want To Hire This Kid If You Have…

  1. SRKannan says:

    Also communicating pain (whose?) pain aread with a tongue in cheek. Brilliant kid.

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  2. SRKannan says:

    Will a boy be as perceptive of mother’s wish list (like chore, hug) as a girl.

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  3. rajinani says:

    Good one Raghu, Thanks for sharing this on your birthday. I hope you get these every year. Best regards,Rajendra

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    • tskraghu says:

      Actually this was also my daughter’s b’day just a day after. And this kid designed other games like Treasure Hunt, etc. for my b’day. Thanks, Raj.


  4. Vidya says:

    so sweet!

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  5. theotheri says:

    Worth a million dollars!

    No, a lot more than that. A million dollars couldn’t buy even one coupon as good.

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  6. poor mom! that kid will become an ace politician or businesswoman or gangster 🙂

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  7. tskraghu says:

    On the whole, interesting times for the mom, eh?


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