Hilarious Blooper And Its Correction

truly belongs to Bollywood movies.

On March 1st, they published a story about the violence at Delhi University, including quotes from Kanhaiya Kumar, Sitaram Yechury, D. Raja, and Yogendra Yadav:


But, as it turns out, every single quote attributed to four men had been mixed up. In fact, Yogendra Yadav’s actual statement wasn’t published at all.

Then they buried their clarification deep on page 5 of their March 2nd issue in a teeny column the next day. Too late – the absurdity of the faux pas didn’t escape public notice.



The Times Of India has made some pretty epic mistakes in the past. And, as India’s biggest newspaper, it’s no surprise that they get called out for them time and again. But this one surpassed all. The sheer number of mistaken identities in such a small space reminded people of slapstick Bollywood comedies of years past that had hilariously similar plots. Thanks, TOI, for breaking up the tedium and putting up this king-sized dart-board for its readers.

Here’s another sample before we sign off:




Source: Sahil Rizwan, BuzzFeed Staff, India and reader’s comments


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