What Angels Look Like

From a prolific blogger with tales, short and very readable and unimaginably various in themes:

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Photo by: Sunayana Photo by: Sunayana

Tori didn’t feel like celebrating during the Angel Fair. Her 7-year old, Brent, was acting up. He’d done that a lot since the divorce. Tori missed someone adult to share good days and bad days with.

“What are those?” asked Brent, pointing at the display.

“Symbolic angels.”

“Okay. What do real angels look like?”

“Beautiful, with white dresses.”

A homeless man in scummy clothing ran past them, dropping a satchel at her feet. A man in business clothes burst through the crowd shouting, “That’s mine!”

“Nathan?” exclaimed Tori, offering the satchel.


“Tenth-grade English!” they said together.

Tori harbored a crush on Nathan back then, but was too shy to say anything. “What are you doing here?”

“Just wandering.” He smiled wanly. “Nothing much to do.”

Tori smiled at her feet. “Same here.”

“You know there’s amazing angel food cake a block down. Want to try it?”

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  1. Back from Chennai? How is wife?

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